How much is a Cartier tank watch worth?

Prices at a Glance: Cartier Tank

Model/Reference Price (approx.)
Tank Anglaise, W5310013 22,500 USD
Française, W50002N2 15,000 USD
MC, W5330003 6,300 USD
Louis Cartier, W1529756 8,500 USD

Does Cartier sell stainless steel?

Whether you’d like a stainless steel, 18ct gold or platinum creation, we have something to suit everyone. Shop the collection of Cartier men’s watches for sale today.

What is the original Cartier tank watch?

Cartier Tank Normale
The Cartier Tank Normale was the very first Tank, created in 1917 and officially offered to the public in 1919. The original concept was almost painfully simple: four lines, with two parallel shafts, allowing the strap to be seamlessly integrated into the case.

Is Rolex or Cartier more expensive?

Cartier watches are significantly more affordable when compared to Rolex. Although both brands have watches that have a list price below the $6,000 price point, a Cartier can be bought at full MSRP for under $3,000 compared to the cheapest new Rolexes with $5,700 list prices.

Does Cartier make silver watches?

The gleam of cartier sterling silver case wristwatches will complement any look. Sterling silver is a precious material, giving these timepieces additional value.

Which Cartier watches hold value?

Whether you’re a fan of the Tank, the racing-induced Drive de Cartier or the pilot inspired Santos watch, Cartier watches will always hold their value since each one is a prime example of the brand’s expert craftsmanship and horological know-how.

What is it about Cartier watches?

Cartier watches are regarded as luxury commodities as Cartier’s rich history of being a jewelry designer simply means that they spare no expense for using the highest quality precious metals when manufacturing their watches. In addition, Cartier has their own high-tech watchmaking laboratories which produces high-quality watches with the

What size is the Cartier Tank?

The Tank Louis Cartier collection is another more evolved collection derived from the original Tank which comes in sizes as small as 22mm and can go as large as an Extra Large model which has a 39.2mm x 30mm case size.

What is a Cartier Tank?

Cartier Tank. The Tank is a line of watches made by Cartier. It was created by Louis Cartier in 1917, and inspired by the new Renault tanks which Cartier saw in use on the Western Front .