How do I contact EA by phone?

Call, chat, or email us

  1. Click Contact Us.
  2. Pick the game or product you need help with.
  3. Pick the platform that you play on.
  4. Choose the Topic you need help with.
  5. Select your Issue.
  6. Click Select contact option.
  7. If you’re not already signed in to your EA Account, you can sign in here.

How do I contact Origin support? or call SIEA Consumer Support at (+1) 877-971-7669.

Does EA still support origin?

Origin is a digital distribution platform developed by Electronic Arts for purchasing and playing video games. EA has announced in September 2020 that it plans to retire Origin in favor of a new EA Desktop client for its EA Play service in the future.

Does EA have a customer support number?

Support Contact Information USA: 1 (855) 345-2186 (Support available from 15.00 UTC – 00.00 UTC)

How do I contact EA terms of service?

You will need to speak to our Terms of Service team in relation to any ban @Griffguy03. There is no other way to speak with the team and we are not able to assist with TOS issues on AHQ. Click Contact us at the top of any page on EA Help. Select the game that your account was banned or suspended from.

Is EA Origin dead?

Just a month after retiring Origin Access, Electronic Arts has revealed that the Origin name is going away entirely. In an interview with, EA senior vice president Mike Blank said that the Origin software on PC is being rebranded to—hold on to your hats for this one—the EA Desktop App.

How do I speak to a person at EA?

Re: I want to talk to someone who works at EA Games.

  1. Click on the orange NEXT button.
  2. Select a platform.
  3. Click on the orange NEXT button.
  4. Select a topic and describe your problem in a few words.
  5. Click on the orange NEXT button.
  6. Click Chat Now to chat with a Game Advisor or leave your phone number for a call-back.

Is EA a bad company?

EA has developed a long-standing reputation for customer dissatisfaction, having been decisively voted the worst company in America three times within the last 5 years.

What is EA contact information?

EA Games Customer Service. Phone: 1-650-628-1001. Phone: 1-650-628-4311. Email: [email protected] ______. Online Store (Origin) Click here to access Origin, the online store of EA Games. Purchases can be made by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

How do you contact EA Games?

Steps Go to the Contact Us page of EA’s website. Find the game you want to ask a question for. Select the game. Select an issue. Select the platform for your game. Select a topic for your issue. Choose how you would like EA to contact you. Write down the ticket ID. Wait for EA to contact you.

What is EA support?

Get help with EA Access for Xbox One . EA Access is an Electronic Arts paid subscription program where members can access EA games for one price. Here at Xbox Support, we can help you with: Billing issues, questions, and concerns.

What is the phone number for EA Games?

EA Games Customer Service Number. Phone Number: 1-650-628-1500. 1-650-628-1001. 1-650-628-4311. Email: [email protected] Address.