Is 24000 a good rank in KCET?

Any rank between 10,000 and 25,000 is considered to be a good rank in an important state-level engineering entrance examination like KCET.

Is 4500 a good rank in KCET?

Students are provided with the expected KCET 2021 marks vs rank in the table given below….KCET Marks vs Rank 2021.

Rank Range Marks Range (out of 180)
3501 – 4000 90 – 100
4001 – 4500 85 – 90
4501 – 5000 80 – 85
5001 – 5500 75 – 80

Is 70000 a good rank in KCET?

The answer for your question is Yes. Through K-CET a candidate even with a ranking of 1,50,000 or more can get a seat in engineering colleges. But the thing that matters is the type of colleges or the quality of education that they provide. Good college in the sense, colleges with less cutoff.

Is 40000 a good rank in KCET?

Yes, we can consider KCET’s rank between 25,000-50,000 a good rank. Yes, a KCET rank between 25,000-50,000 can surely get you a good Engineering college.

Is 1000 a good rank in KCET?

A. KCET rank between 1 to 10,000 is considered as a good rank.

What is good rank in KCET?

Good Rank in KCET 2021 for B.Sc Agriculture Admission

Very Good Rank 1 – 1,000
Good Rank 1,000 – 6,000
Average Rank 6,000 – 12,000
Low Rank Above 15,000

Is 50000 a good rank in CET?

Yes, a KCET rank between 50,000 and 1,00,000 is very good which can get you some of the very good colleges for admission. Yes, there are various colleges that accept 50,000-1,00,00 KCET rank for admission.

What is the minimum rank in KCET?

General category students should score 50 % while SC, ST and OBC category candidates should score 40% to qualify KCET 2021.

What is the rank for 60 marks in KCET?

KCET Marks vs Rank 2021 (Expected)

Rank Range Expected Marks Range (out of 180)
10001 – 20000 60 – 65
20001 – 40000 55 – 60
40001 – 50000 50 – 55
50001 – 60000 45 – 50

Who is the topper of KCET 2020?

KCET Result and toppers list 2020 have been announced on August 21, 2020….List of KCET 2020 Toppers for B.VSc.

Name of the Student Rank
Sai Vivek P 1
Aryan Mahalingappa Channal 2
Sanjana K 3
Pavan S Gowda 4

What is a good rank in CET?

What is a good rank in KCET? A. KCET rank between 1 to 10,000 is considered as a good rank.

Who got 1st rank in KCET 2020?

Karnataka Examination Authority, KEA, Karnataka Common Entrance Test, KCET 2020 Results have been released today that is on August 21, 2020….KCET 2020 Toppers: List of B Pharms toppers.

Rank Name
1 Sai Vivek P
2 Sandeepan Naskar
3 Pawan S Gowda
4 Aryan Mahalingappa Channal

Is there a KCET predictor for engineering colleges?

KCET College Predictor uses your KCET 2021 rank/ score to predict your chances of admission in the Engineering college of your choice.

How to use the MHT CET College predictor 2020?

To access the MHT CET 2020 college predictor, candidates need to enter their ranks and other information like seat type, gender, category, caste, etc. Who can use the MHT CET College Predictor 2021 ? Candidates who have valid MHT CET rank and scores are eligible to use MHT CET college predictor.

How to predict admission into an engineering college?

Predict Engineering colleges you can get admission into using your MHT CET 2021 rank/score. Get Cut off, Fees ,Placements and Admission Information of MHT CET colleges using Shiksha MHT CET College Predictor 2021.

Which is KCET 2021 participating institutes offer admission on the basis of rank?

It is a simple tool that can provide you with a list of all the KCET 2021 participating institutes that offer admission on the basis of the obtained rank. It is extremely easy to use, you just have to enter the B.Tech obtained rank and seat type details in KCET counselling. Who can use the KCET 2021 College Predictor?