Why is Da Hong Pao tea so expensive?

But every genuine Da Hong Pao originates with a cutting from a single group of mother trees. And it’s these original trees that produce the rare and sought-after original tea. “The original Da Hong Pao is so expensive because there are hardly any of the original tea trees left,” explained local tea master Xiangning Wu.

What is the most expensive tea to buy?

5 Most Expensive Teas In the World

  • Da-Hong Pao Tea – $1.2 million per kilo. It is hard to imagine that tea leaves can be worth a million dollars.
  • Tieguanyin Tea – $3,000 per kilo.
  • Panda Dung Tea – $70,000 per kilo.
  • PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag: $15,000 per tea bag.
  • Narcissus Wuyi Oolong Tea Box – $6,500 per kilo.

How much is a cup of Da Hong Pao tea?

Steep Cup of Tea Original Da Hong Pao costs “$1,400 for a single gram, or well over $10,000 for a pot,” the BBC says. The reason for this exorbitant price tag is that only a few of the original tea trees remain.

What is red robe tea?

Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe, 大红袍) is a Wuyi rock tea grown in the Wuyi Mountains of Fujian Province, China. Da Hong Pao has unique orchid fragrance and a long-lasting sweet aftertaste. After brewing, the tea is orange-yellow, bright and clear. Compared to other tea, Da Hong Pao can retain its flavor for nine steepings.

What is the rarest tea in the world?

Da Hong Pao
Called Da Hong Pao, this rare Wuyishan, China-based tea is harvested from nearly extinct ancient ‘mother trees’—the oldest trees in a forest—and is described as having a heavily oxidized, smoky mellow flavor.

What is the most expensive tea in Japan?

Rich tea. The tea served in Yorozu is the most expensive available in Japan. Due to the labour-intensive process by which it is grown and harvested, a small bowlful costs hundreds of pounds.

What is the rarest tea?

Why is jasmine tea so expensive?

Even so, jasmine tea is often a little pricier than regular green tea, made of better leaves. This is because the growing and picking of jasmine flowers is a laborious and expensive process, and kind of a dying industry as well. Many jasmine teas are flavored artificially, and not with the true jasmine flowers.

Why is Chinese tea so expensive?

Da Hong Pao — $600,000 per pound Also known as Big Red Robe tea, this Chinese tea embodies the characteristics of the Wuyi Mountains where it is cultivated. The rare tea is so expensive largely because the leaves are harvested from plants that have grown on the mountains for more than 300 years.

Is Da Hong Pao Red tea?

The most famous Chinese wulong, Da Hong Pao is a tea made to represent the essential character of Wuyi Mountain rock wulong. Traditionally roasted over charcoal in a process that lasts months, its bold red infusion has a layered mineral body with a sweet, enduring finish.

What is the most powerful tea?

Black tea, like green tea, is known for powerful health properties and has been extensively researched. It has the highest caffeine content of all the true teas and can be a great replacement for a cup of coffee.

How much does Big Red Robe tea cost?

The Big Red Robe tea or Da Hong Pao tea obtained from the identical plants of the original one is not very expensive to taste. The availability of Da Hong Pao tea in China would cost a person around $100. However, tasting this tea from the original Da Hong Pao bushes would definitely cost people a fortune.

Which is better Da hong pao or Big Red Robe tea?

Naturally, the quality is also a bit lower, but if you’ve never tried Big Red Robe tea before, this might be a more affordable way to sample one of the world’s most expensive types of tea. Unlike many teas, Da Hong Pao was not purposely planted.

Which is the most expensive tea in the world?

Da Hong Pao, also known as Big Red Robe, is evidently the most expensive tea in the world that would cost nearly $1.2 million (€1.05 million).

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