What does it mean to wear gauges?

Ear stretching, also known as ear gauging, is the practice of stretching pierced holes in the earlobes. It’s a ring of scar tissue that forms behind the jewelry and gives the piercing the appearance of turning inside out. Blowouts usually occur from trying to stretch the hole too quickly.

What are gauges for ears?

Ear stretching (also called ear gauging) is when you gradually stretch out pierced holes in your earlobes. Given enough time, the size of these holes could be anywhere from the diameter of a pencil to that of a soda can.

How do you spell ear gauges?

The word “gauge,” when referring to the jewelry itself, is actually a made-up slang term for “stretched earlobes.” People who aren’t too familiar with the proper terms used in body modification refer to gauges as the jewelry. The gauge is the size of piercings before they turn into an inch.

What is the use of this gauge?

Depending on usage, a gauge can be described as “a device for measuring a physical quantity”, for example “to determine thickness, gap in space, diameter of materials, or pressure of flow”, or “a device that displays the measurement of a monitored system by the use of a needle or pointer that moves along a calibrated …

What are the big earring holes called?

A plug (sometimes earplug or earspool), in the context of body modification, is a short, cylindrical piece of jewelry commonly worn in larger-gauge body piercings. Modern western plugs are also called flesh tunnels.

Can I use Vaseline for ear stretching?

Stretching Process (taper method) Lubricant will make the taper super slick, so it will slide through easy. Lubricants make a stretch easier. While you’re out getting a new taper, get some Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil or GaugeGear Stretching Balm (Neosporin and Vaseline are not good lubes for ear stretching).

What is the big hole piercing in the ear?

flesh tunnels
What are flesh tunnels, you ask yourself. One glance around a packed train or a bustling shopping street and you’ll find them: these giant holes in some people’s ear lobes. The trend, in which people allow piercers to stretch their earlobe with rings of various shapes and sizes, has been growing for a few years now.

How do you spell Gage or gauge?

Other Uses of Gage. Gage does have a few other uses. The first is a shortened version of the word greengage, which is a variety of fruit. The second is as a variant spelling of the word gauge, although it is not advisable to use gage this way. Gauge is the preferred spelling to mean measure (see below).

What does it mean to Gage something?

gage(Noun) Something, such as a glove or other pledge thrown down as a challenge to combat (now usually figurative). gage(Noun) Used especially as a technical term of measuring devices and standard measures.

Which is correct Gage or gauge?

• Though there are people who use the spelling gage for a measuring instrument, the correct word is gauge that is used both as a noun as well as verb. • There are other meanings of gage, and it can be a spelling variant of gauge, as well. • Gage is a root in many English words such as engage, wage, and mortgage.

How do you pronounce gauge?

Gauge Spelling And The Sound Of Letter Pronunciations. Word Gauge syllable is: gauge (we separated the syllables with dashes). G – guh, juh. A – æ, ā, ah, ā-uh, uh. U – uh, yoo, oo, ů.