What kind of bumper is TDK made of?

TDK experienced and certified welders build these steel bumpers to ensure maximum durability for your truck. TDK made in the USA! Full Width Rear HD Bumper by Throttle Down Kustoms®. Your truck will look as good heading out as it does heading in when you add a Throttle Down Kustoms rear bumper.

Where can I buy rugged steel Truck bumpers?

We Sell Dog Boxes Too! Using the same tried and tested methods that we use to build our rugged, bomb-proof steel bumpers, skid plates, and frames, we also build lightweight aluminum dog boxes for trucks, ATVs and UTVs, and other custom applications. Visit our website TreeDogKustoms.com to learn more.

How are bumpers made for throttle down Kustoms?

Every Throttle Down Kustoms bumper is designed and built with quality and durability in mind. That’s why we CNC laser cut solid PNO steel for precise fitment. Our highly-skilled welders and fabricators hand weld the steel plates together, and then our trained and certified fabricators finish the bumper to make it smooth and ready for paint.

What kind of bumpers for Chevy Silverado trucks?

No attributes to narrow your search. We design, engineer, and construct rugged steel front bumpers and rear bumpers for Chevy Silverado, Dodge RAM, Ford F-Series, and GMC Sierra trucks. We also make steel Jeep frames and skid plates.

Can a throttle down Kustoms bumper be customized?

Throttle Down Kustoms offers customizable bumpers that make personalization easy. A Throttle Down Kustoms bumper customized to accommodate aftermarket fog lights on a Chevy. (See TDK Chevy bumpers here .) It’s easy to list the downsides to building a steel bumper from a kit, mostly because the potential problems are so obvious. 1.

Is it safe to use a DIY bumper kit?

Many DIY bumper kit manufacturers, on the other hand, have no concerns about what happens in a crash. That’s because they put the responsibility on their customer’s shoulders. We believe a DIY bumper kit should be designed to be safe, even if the weld quality isn’t top-notch.

Why are steel bumpers most likely to fail?

This is because welds crack whenever the parts fit poorly, the weld is contaminated, or the welder is inexperienced. In terms of long-term durability, steel bumpers are most likely to fail at the weld points. That’s because a poor quality weld will crack, and once a crack forms, rust will follow. (More about rust here .)