What is the best month to visit Moorea?

The best time to visit the island of Moorea is during the months between May and October, more dry and cool.

Is Moorea French Polynesia expensive?

Yes, French Polynesia is really expensive. Because it is so remote, almost all food has to be imported. In addition, it has become a real luxury destination over the years, making hotels very pricey. What makes French Polynesia also expensive is transportation costs.

Is there a hurricane season in Tahiti?

Tahiti Weather: Storms in French Polynesia The humid season in Tahiti is from November to April. Occasionally, strong storms do develop. There actually ARE NO hurricanes in Tahiti (or anywhere in the South Pacific).

What is the rainy season in Tahiti?

What is the rainy season in Tahiti? The rainy season typically lasts from November to April. This season is characterized by summer showers and warmer temperatures, and the rain is generally short-lived.

Do you need a car in Moorea?

Though you can rent cars, scooters, and bicycles on Moorea, the 137-sqaure-km (53-square-mi) island is extremely rugged, so it’s advisable to take an organized 4WD safari tour to see the island’s interior. Most resorts can also rent bicycles to their guests.

How expensive is food on Moorea?

A fine dining restaurant with drinks around Moorea can easily cost $430 per person or more, while a standard nice meal might be about $29 per person.

Is the island of Moorea in French Polynesia?

Moorea is the pride and joy of French Polynesia. She may be considered Tahiti’s little sister, but she steals the spotlight every time. The island is a true reflection of the laid back Tahitian lifestyle and the warm, welcoming character of French Polynesia and its people.

What to see on Moorea island in Tahiti?

The attraction toward Moorea comes as no surprise; the island is a geographical marvel. Eight voluminous mountain peaks rise from its translucent lagoon, creating a distinctive and rugged silhouette visible from the western coast of Tahiti. Splitting the northern shore are two symmetrical bays: Cook’s (Paopao) and Opunohu Bay.

How long is the honeymoon on Moorea island?

Experience the culture and the spectacular landscapes of the island of Moorea with this 7-night authentic honeymoon adventure.

What are the names of the bays on Moorea island?

Splitting the northern shore are two symmetrical bays: Cook’s (Paopao) and Opunohu Bay. The island is roughly shaped like a heart from overhead; and in the theme of love and romance, Moorea is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Tahiti—second only to Bora Bora.