What does Legatum Prosperity Index measure?

The Legatum Prosperity Index™ is a framework that assesses countries on the promotion of their residents’ flourishing, reflecting both economic and social wellbeing.

Who created the Legatum Prosperity Index?

the Legatum Institute
The Legatum Prosperity Index is an annual ranking developed by the Legatum Institute, an independent educational charity founded and part-funded by the private investment firm Legatum.

What is India’s rank in the Legatum Prosperity Index 2017?

India was ranked 100th among 149 countries on the list of prosperous countries released as part of The Legatum Prosperity Index 2017. The index offers an insight into how prosperity is forming and changing across the world.

Which is the most prosperous nation?

Denmark is the world’s most prosperous country, by Legatum’s count. for living conditions. It ranked 2nd in 2018, losing out to Norway.

Where do I get born index?

The Where-to-be-born Index: The Highest And Lowest Scoring Countries

Rank Country Score (out of 10)
1 Switzerland 8.22
2 Australia 8.12
3 Norway 8.09
4 Sweden 8.02

Which is the most prosperous country in Asia?

GDP Per Capita The city-state of Singapore is the wealthiest country in Asia, with a per-capita income of $58,480. Singapore owes its wealth not to oil but rather to a low level of government corruption and a business-friendly economy.

What is the ranking of India?


List India Ranking/Total Countries Notes
Human Development Index 129 / 189 2019 report – score 0.647
Inequality-adjusted HDI 94/ 151 2020- score 0.538
Social Progress Index 117 / 128 2020 report- score 56.80
Where-to-be-born Index 72/ 80 2020- score 5.31