What is the highest score in Angry Birds?

Hecaterina Kinumi, who had previously broken a record after playing Final Fantasy X during 38 hours and 6 minutes, got a score of 36.000 points playing ‘Angry Birds Poached Eggs 1-1’, Visual Distinction Corporation reported.

How many levels are in Angry Birds 1?

There are a total of over 700 levels in Angry Birds, including Golden Eggs.

How do you get mighty eagle coins?

Depending on how well you perform on your daily training, you will get points and your player portrait frame will change accordingly to show everyone your progress in the Bootcamp. You’ll get a different amount of Mighty Eagle Coins every day, depending on how far you make it in the daily training.

How do people score so high on Angry Birds 2?

Tap the card for the bird you want to use. Using the right bird for the job can make a lot of difference in destroying the structures and the piggies, which in turn will bring your scores up. The more damage you cause, the more points you get.

How do you get ahead in Angry Birds 2?

Angry Birds 2 tips and tricks

  1. Forget about memorizing the levels.
  2. Be sure to use the environment to your advantage.
  3. When in doubt, focus on doing as much damage as possible.
  4. Avoid spending spell cards unless you absolutely need to.
  5. Don’t fight attack piggies head on.
  6. Don’t forget your Daily Quests.

What do the frames mean in Angry Birds 2?

A: Frames are earned through the Mighty Eagle Bootcamp, as you collect Mighty Eagle Points they upgrade your frame which in turn gives you increased coin rewards for the end of the season. Your frame goes back to vanilla every season and turns into coins you can spend in the mighty eagle shop through the bootcamp.

How do you unlock the Mighty Eagle Bootcamp in Angry Birds 2?

Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp is a daily training in Angry Birds 2. You have to pass Level 38 in order to unlock it. If you get a really high score, you might be featured on the Top 100 global leaderboard!

What is the highest score you can get on Angry Birds?

It’s probable that the score for Angry Birds is held in a 64-bit integer variable in the programming language it’s written in. So you can’t higher than that. 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 is 2 to the power of 63 minus one.

What’s the best way to play Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is the most well-known iPhone and iPad app out there. The game has caught the imagination of millions of people the world over. When you play the game, the idea is to kill little pigs with your set of birds and basically score as many points as possible.

How many people have cheated on Angry Birds?

The fact is that of the millions of players who play Angry Birds, only 7 people have managed to cheat the system, so this is obviously a pretty closely guarded secret. However, there are plenty of theories out there.