Why is my Schlage Lock not connecting?

Factory Resetting Your Device First of all, disconnect the batteries. Reconnect the batteries to the while holding the button on your Schlage Connect. After you’ve reconnected the batteries, release your button. The lock should do a setup routine if you have successfully reset your device.

Can I connect my Schlage Lock to my phone?

The free Schlage Home App for Apple iOS and Android lets you control and monitor your lock from anywhere using your smartphone. The app guides you through the setup process and puts complete access and control of your Schlage smart locks at your fingertips.

Can you rekey Schlage keypad deadbolt?

Schlage BE365 Rekey. To rekey the Electronic Deadbolt is not too difficult. Is remove the inside plate, inside cover. Remove the cover, disconnect the battery.

Is the Schlage sense smart deadbolt touch screen?

One of the strongest, most intelligent Bluetooth®-enabled smart locks available, the Schlage Sense Smart deadbolt gives you the option to enter your home with an access code on its illuminated touchscreen or by using your Android or iOS smartphone. Strong: Meets the highest industry rating for security and durability.

Is there a reset button on the Schlage smart lock?

The Schlage Connect (Models BE468 and BE469) is another popular version of the Schlage Smart Lock Deadbolt series. Schlage Connect Reset Button Schlage Connect locks are model numbers BE468 and BE469. If you are not sure you have a Schlage Connect, find the white label by removing the back of the lock.

Can a Schlage be used with a deadbolt?

Manage your door security from anywhere when paired with a compatible home automation or security system. A stylish knob or lever and your Schlage Connect deadbolt in one. Touchscreen and handleset combo, perfect for an exterior entrance door. Uncertain about which product and style is right for you?

What is the battery life of the Schlage touch?

Efficient: The Schlage Touch features a two-year battery life with a 9V battery backup. Enlightened: The fingerprint-resistant numeric touchscreen features illuminated keys. Which Keyless lock is right for you?