How do you make a balloon dog step by step?


  1. Inflate the Balloon. First, inflate the balloon, leaving about 2 inches not inflated at the end.
  2. Make 3 Starting Twists. Twist three basic balloon twists at the end you tied off.
  3. Form the Dog Snout and Ears.
  4. Note the Dog’s Head.
  5. Form the Neck and Front Legs.
  6. Note the Front of the Dog.
  7. Form the Body and Back Legs.

How do you make a balloon dog for kids?

How To Make A Balloon Dog

  1. Inflate your balloon about two inches from the tip.
  2. Make three basic twists, each an inch apart.
  3. Fold the third segment over the second and twist them together in a lock twist.
  4. Make three more basic twists about two inches apart.

How do you inflate twisty balloons?

Simply insert the pump nozzle into the balloon opening and squeeze the pump until you’re satisfied with the fullness. Pinch the top of the balloon below the nozzle, ease the nozzle out and then tie a knot. If you don’t have access to a pump, there’s always the option of blowing up long balloons by mouth.

How do you put real flowers in a balloon?

Place a rose inside the PVC pipe with the short stem facing toward the person stuffing the balloon. Lift up on the PVC pipe, then use the narrow handle of the wooden spoon to gently tease the rose through the pipe into the balloon. Allow gravity to force the rose to drop into the water.

How do you fold a balloon to make an animal?

It’s mainly used to make small balloon animal features like ears. To make a fold twist, inflate your balloon and tie off the end. Use one hand to fold the top of the balloon down near the tied end. Make a basic twist near the end, ensuring you twist at least three times to get it to lock in place.

What kind of dog can you make out of a balloon?

Keep in mind that there are simple variations on the dog that you can make: Make the body extra-long and the legs short, and you’ll create a Dachshund or wiener dog. Make the sculpture out of a yellow balloon and create an extra-long neck, and you will have a giraffe. Make the dog with a relatively short neck…

Can you make a dachshund out of a balloon?

Make the body segment extra long and the leg segments short to create a dachshund. Use a yellow balloon and create an extra-long neck segment to form a giraffe. Twist a relatively short neck and long legs, and you can call the balloon animal a horse.

How do you make a Balloon Monkey body?

Hold both segments in place and twist three times at the base of the neck twist to lock both arms in place. Your balloon monkey should now have a head, neck, and arms. Make your last three basic twists. The first should rest a few inches below the arms to create your monkey’s body.