Why is Maxene Magalona in Bali?

Maxene and Rob were in Bali for a yoga teachers training in March last year when lockdown measures were put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, prompting the couple to extend their stay on the island.

Is Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil still together?

She married musician Rob Mananquil on January 11, 2018 at a ceremony in Boracay. Maxene Magalona had been living in Bali with her husband for more than a year.

Who is the husband of Maxene Magalona?

Rob Mananquilm. 2018
Maxene Magalona/Husband

How did Maxene Magalona lose weight?

She lost 30 pounds in a single year—a jaw-dropping number that came with an entirely new physique, the results of which she often credits to copious amounts of yoga, meditation, and healthy eating.

Is Maxene Magalona living in Bali?

Actress Maxene Magalona has returned to the Philippines after more than a year of being based in Bali, Indonesia. Maxene, 34, shared the news with her followers on Thursday, March 11, as she posted a photo of herself taken in Manila, according to its geotag.

Did Maxene Magalona move to Bali?

Maxene, 34, is currently staying in Bali with her husband Robby Mananquil.

How old is Francis Magalona?

44 years (1964–2009)
Francis Magalona/Age at death

What age Francis M died?

Who are the parents of Maxene Magalona?

Early life. Magalona was born in Sta. Elena, Philippines. Her father is the late Filipino rapper Francis Magalona and her grandparents are the late actors Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran. Pia Arroyo-Magalona is her mother and her sister is Saab who also joined showbiz in 2007, and recently her younger brother Elmo Magalona also joined showbiz…

Who are the Magalona sisters Maxene and Saab?

It is not the whole Magalona Family but the Magalona sisters, Saab and Maxene whose intriguing post emerged and ignited speculations about their relationship. Saab Magalona ‘s post states how hilarious when someone tries to pull off a cryptic post but ended up describing themselves.

Who is the youngest of the Magalona siblings?

Arkin, who is also known as “Barq,” is one of the youngest in the Magalona brood. His sister Maxene took to Instagram to share how they celebrated the occasion. They started right by dining at a Tex-Mex restaurant in Makati.

Who is Maxene Magalona in Daddy di do du?

Being a former GMA 7 talent under GMA Artist Center, she is known for her portrayal as Vivian Salvador in the My Lover, My Wife and Donna Vallejo on Daddy Di Do Du. If you follow the Filipino television industry, then you must be used to the name Maxene Magalona .