Who are the richest people in Tanzania?

Top richest people in Tanzania

  1. Mohammed Dewji. Image: instagram.com, @moodewji.
  2. Rostam Azizi. Image: youtube.com, @MCL Dgitial.
  3. Said Salim Bakhresa. Image: instagram.com, @saidsalimbakhresa.
  4. Reginald Mengi. Image: facebook.com, @reginaldmengi.
  5. Ally Awadh. Image: forbes.com.
  6. Shekhar Kanabar.
  7. Shubash Patel.
  8. Fida Hussein Rashid.

What is the net worth of Mo dewji?

1.6 billion USD (2021)
Mohammed Dewji/Net worth

Who are the top 10 richest in Africa?

15 Richest People in Africa

  • 13) Mohammed Dewji (Tanzania)
  • 12) Aziz Akhannouch (Morocco)
  • 11) Mohamed Mansour (Egypt)
  • 10) Koos Bekker (South Africa)
  • 9) Patrice Motsepe (South Africa)
  • 8) Naguib Sawiris (Egypt)
  • 7) Issad Rebrab (Algeria)
  • 6) Abdulsamad Rabiu (Nigeria)

Who are the youngest billionaires in Tanzania?

Occupying the first position on our list is Mohammad Dewji, who is usually considered as one of the youngest billionaires in Africa, getting a spot at the age of 40years. Currently, he has in his possession a sum of 75% stake in one of the largest conglomerates in Tanzania, called METL.

Who are the richest people in the country of Tanzania?

Born in 1960, and now 60 years old, he was the first person to earn the billionaire status in the country. Azizi has invested in telecommunications, real estate, mining, and many other sectors. In 2014, he made a significant business move by selling his 17.25% holding in Vodacom Tanzania – the largest mobile operator in the country.

Who are the most famous people in Tanzania?

Mohammad is a role model for many Tanzanians most especially because of his love for making something out of nothing. Given birth on the 8th of May 1975 in Ipembe, Singida, he was the first Tanzania to be captured in the Forbes Magazine in 2013. Mohammad is also a philanthropist as he has been known for his impactful philanthropic acts.

Who are the multi millionaires in Dar es Salaam?

Motisun Group owns a collection of some of Tanzania’s finest hotels and resorts, including the popular Sea Cliff Resort in Zanzibar and the Hotel White Sands in Dar es Salaam. Tanzanian multi-millionaire Ghalib Said Mohamed got his early start in business by working for his father’s cashew farming and general trading business.