What is the fees of DPS school in Delhi?

Fee Structure for Academic Year 2019-20,2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23
TOTAL INR 31,610.0
XI – XII ( Humn. / comm. )

Is DPS International a good school?

Probabely one of the best Schools I will give 95% out of 100% in total, with overall School Teachers, management as 98% and Overall Teaching to 100%. As the way they take care of every individual child and prepare them for the World is AWESOME. The facilities they provide for the child’s overall growth is very good.

What is the average school fees in Delhi?

Among states, Delhi witnessed the highest rise, as the average annual expenditure for both government and private schools shot up from Rs 6,149 to Rs 19,941.

Is DPS the best school in India?

DPS school in R.K Puram is seen as the best School of Delhi Public School in India. The Campus of the School is known to be spread over more than 12 areas of land. There are around 9500 understudies admitted to this piece of DPS.

Which is the expensive school in Delhi?

Delhi International School Fees Table

Schools Fees
Lancers International School 3,82,000
Excelsior American School 3,24,000
Genesis Global School 3,34,000
GD Goenka World School 2,32,800

How much is the DPS International School registration fee?

Registration Fee of S$2500 + 7% GST is required to GRADE REGISTRATION FEE (Before GST) SPECIAL WAIVER (Limited time) PAYABLE TILL OFFER VALID NURSERY TO KG 2 S$ 1500.00 ** S$ 1250.00 * S$ 250.00 GRADE 1 TO GRADE 8 S$ 2500.00 S$ 1500.00 * S$ 1000.00 GRADE 9 TO GRADE 12 S$ 2500.00 N.A S$ 2500.00

What is the monthly fee of Delhi Public School?

₹ 87,450 annual fees + ₹ 20,000 school bus up to 3km + ₹10k–15k annual activities fees and dress, books etc. Hope it helps. Jammu region…. Approx 75k-78k Annualy… School fees of DPS changes as per city . You can contact your nearby DPS and check fees details or check from their website, now they have provided details on website also for fees.

Is there sibling subsidy for DPS International School?

3. Sibling Subsidy will be applicable on the tuition fees for 2nd child and 3rd child. The subsidy does not apply to other school fees. 4. Application fee/ Registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstance. 5. Copyright © 2004-2021 DPS International School Pte. Ltd.

How many DPS schools are there in India?

Today, there aremore than 200 schools in India and overseas, including Kuwait, UAE, Nepal and Singapore. The phenomenal success of DPS schools all over the world can be attributed to the vision and foresight of the pioneers.