What happened to DJ Laz on Power 96?

DJ Laz is off the air. “Effective today, DJ Laz, who has been with the station for 22 years, has decided to move on and explore other professional opportunities. ” Vice President Market Manager Joe Bell wished him “success and happiness in his new endeavors.” Calls to the station were not immediately returned.

Who is DJ Laz wife?

Desiree Mendezm. 1993–1999
Joette Mendez
DJ Laz/Wife

Where is DJ Laz?

iHeartMedia Miami announced today that DJ Laz will be the new weekday afternoon host on the new Totally 93.9 (all 90’s). Laz hosted mornings in Miami on WPOW-FM for 22 years until 2012. He also hosted mornings on 97.3 in Miami from 2014-2019.

What rapper died in a boat accident?

On August 25, 2001, Aaliyah died at the age of 22 in an airplane accident in the Bahamas, when the badly overloaded aircraft she was traveling in crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all nine on board.

Why is DJ Laz handicapped?

Because of a muscular disorder, the baby’s legs were severely deformed. “The diagnosis was that he would never walk,” remembers Orestes Mendez, Laz’s father, now an 82-year-old with a raspy voice. “They told us he would have to lie in bed for his entire life and we would have to feed him and change him.”

How much does DJ Laz make?

DJ Laz net worth and salary: DJ Laz is a Cuban-American rapper and DJ who has a net worth of $2 million….DJ Laz Net Worth.

Net Worth: $2 Million
Salary: $500 Thousand Per Year
Date of Birth: 1990
Gender: Male
Profession: Disc jockey, Rapper

Is DJ Laz married?

DJ Laz/Spouse

What female singer died in a boat accident?

Kirsty Anna MacColl
Kirsty Anna MacColl (10 October 1959 – 18 December 2000) was a British singer and songwriter.