Why was Alexei buried separately?

The burial was completed at 6 am on 19 July. Yurovsky separated the Tsarevich Alexei and one of his sisters to be buried about 15 metres (50 ft) away, in an attempt to confuse anyone who might discover the mass grave with only nine bodies.

Which body represent the Russian secret police?


Agency overview
Superseding agencies Ministry of Internal Affairs People’s Commissariat for State Security
Type • Secret police • Intelligence agency • Law enforcement • Gendarmerie • Border guard • Prison authority
Jurisdiction Soviet Union
Headquarters 11-13 ulitsa Bol. Lubyanka, Moscow, RSFSR, Soviet Union

Did they ever find Anastasia Romanov’s body?

The bodies of Alexei Nikolaevich and the remaining daughter—either Anastasia or her older sister Maria—were discovered in 2007. Scientific analysis including DNA testing confirmed that the remains are those of the imperial family, showing that all four grand duchesses were killed in 1918.

Where is Tsar Nicholas II buried?

Peter and Paul Cathedral, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Nicholas II of Russia/Place of burial

What was the name of the Russian secret police?

In the Russian Empire, the secret police forces were the Third Section of the Imperial Chancery and then the Okhrana. After the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Union established the OGPU, NKVD, NKGB, MVD, and KGB.

Who was the last Tsar to die in Russia?

But some claim that Mikhail not Nikolai should be known as Russia’s last tsar. The ‘tsar for a day’ and Johnson were banished to exile in Perm region, in the Ural Mountains, and on the night of June 12 1918 the pair were shot by a Chekist – secret police – execution squad.

Where are Mikhail Romanov and his servant buried?

Detailed study of archives by a Russian-American team has concluded the remains of Mikhail and his servant are buried in Vyshki-2 district near Perm. Three different plots are being excavated, say reports in Russia.

Who was the Czar that was about to be executed?

Suddenly, armed thugs rushed in. Yakov Yurovsky, a revolutionary who led the Bolshevik’s secret police, told Nicholas he was about to be executed. “What? What?” the czar exclaimed.