What rank are graduates of the Air Force Academy?

Officers progress from second lieutenant to first lieutenant, then captain, major, lieutenant colonel, colonel and finally, four general officer ranks. As a commissioned officer in the Air Force, immediately upon graduation, you will enter the Air Force as an O-1, which is a second lieutenant.

How many years does an Air Force Academy graduate have to serve?

five years
Although the length of commitment depends on a cadet’s career and other opportunities, including graduate or medical school, all graduates must serve at least five years on active duty and three as inactive reserve after graduation.

How much money do air force pilots make?

Salary Ranges for Air Force Pilots The salaries of Air Force Pilots in the US range from $26,972 to $708,579 , with a median salary of $129,635 . The middle 57% of Air Force Pilots makes between $129,640 and $322,527, with the top 86% making $708,579.

What is the salary of an airforce officer?

Pay Scale/Salary of Air Force Officer

Air Force Branch Salary in INR (per annum)
Flying Branch Rs.9,00,000
Technical Branch Rs.8,00,000
Ground Branch Rs.7,56,000

Who is the Alumni Association of the Air Force Academy?

The Association of Graduates is the alumni association of the U.S. Air Force Academy. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving our graduates and members, enhancing the heritage of this premier institution and enriching the cadet experience by funding programs not supported by appropriated funds.

How many people have graduated from the Air Force Academy?

Additional notable graduates include 403 general officers, 164 graduates who were killed in combat, 36 repatriated prisoners of war, 1 Medal of Honor recipient, and 2 combat aces. Thirty-nine Academy graduates have become astronauts, second among institutions of higher learning only to the United States Naval Academy with 52.

Is the Air Force Academy Foundation a nonprofit organization?

The Association of Graduates and Air Force Academy Foundation are nonprofit organizations that complement each other in pursuing the collective good of the Air Force Academy. The updated Long Blue Line Guide is now online.

Who is the superintendent of the Air Force Academy?

On November 10, 2020, the Association of Graduates and the Air Force Academy Foundation held a welcome call with our new Superintendent, Lt Gen Richard Clark. Looking to connect with other USAFA Grads?