What rank is supreme in CS:GO?

Supreme First Master Class
What are the ranks?

Rank Abbreviation
Supreme First Master Class SMFC
Legendary Eagle Master LEM
Legendary Eagle LE
Distinguished Master Guardian DMG

How do you rank up your wingman in CS:GO?

Winning more matches and getting kills against high ranking players will increase your ranking and ELO points overall. Wingman might not be a popular mode but it’s still loved by many.

What is master sergeant rank in CS:GO?

CS:GO Rankings and Levels

Recruit Rank 0 1,000 XP 0
Master Sergeant Rank 13 5,000 XP 61,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 14 5,000 XP 66,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 15 5,000 XP 71,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 16 5,000 XP 76,000 XP

Is Master Guardian 2 a good rank?

Is Master Guardian II Good? Being a Master Guardian II puts you in the top 25.83% of all CS:GO players. “This is the second rank in the Master Guardian rank series and is definitely a good rank to achieve. It is usually achieved in under 1,000 hours of CS:GO, and most players in this rank are “more than casual”.”

How many wins do you need for gold Nova?

Personally, I got Gold Nova 1 at 64 wins.

What does supreme master first class mean in CS GO?

Being a Supreme Master First Class puts you in the top 3.39% of all CS:GO players. That means, if you were placed in a room with 100 other players, you’d probably be able to beat 96 of them. Total CS:GO thinks that.. “SMFC is an exceptional rank that very few players will ever reach.

Which is the second best rank in CS GO?

The CS:GO rank Supreme Master First Class is the second best rank of all players.

How many ranks do you have in CSGO?

Ever since this FPS title was released, we had a total of 18 ranks in CSGO. Below you can find a complete CSGO ranks list, so do not miss out. Statistically speaking, most players in CSGO are stuck between the Gold Nova I and Master Guardian I ranks.

How many players are ranked as supreme master first class?

How many Players in CS:GO are Ranked as Supreme Master First Class? 2.6% of all Players are Supreme Master First Class. About 9% of all players got a LE, LEM or Supreme rank. What are the Characteristics of a Supreme Master First Class Player?