When does Big Brother Season 13 start in the UK?

Big Brother 2012, also known as Big Brother 13, was the thirteenth series of the British reality television series Big Brother, and the second series to broadcast on Channel 5. The series premiered with a live launch on 5 June 2012 and ran for 70 days, concluding on 13 August 2012.

Who are the HouseGuests on Big Brother 13?

Update: The Big Brother 13 houseguests have entered the house! The game is on… Here is your Big Brother 13 cast for the brand new season. We’ve got pictures (see below), details, and more info to follow throughout the day so stay tuned! Adam Poch, 39 – Music Inventory Manager – Hoboken, NJ – Video Interview

Who are the winners of Big Brother 13?

Jordan won this competition, naming the strange man correctly as David Hasselhoff. At the nomination ceremony, Rachel nominated Adam Poch and Dominic Briones. At the POV competition, Brendon and Rachel, Adam and Dominic, and Jeff and Jordan were chosen to play for POV this week. Brendon won this competition.

Who are the cast members of Big Brother 14?

Ashley Iocco Big Brother 14 big brother 2012 Big Brother Cast Danielle Murphree Frank Eudy Ian Terry Jenn Arroyo Jodi Rollins Joe Arvin JoJo Spatafora Kara Monaco Shane Meaney Wil Heuser Willie Hantz Subscribe

Who is Bronte from Big Brother Season 18?

Watch Bronte D’Acquisto’s first on-camera interview before she enters the Big Brother 18 house! Read Bronte D’Acquisto’s full bio. Three adjectives that describe you: Driven, passionate, and quick-witted. Favorite activities: I love various martial arts, exercise, and instruments.

Who is James Huling from Big Brother 18?

Watch James Huling’s first on-camera interview before he enters the Big Brother 18 house! Read James Huling’s full bio. Three adjectives that describe you: Personable, funny, and loud. Favorite activities: Going to dinner, watching movies, binge-watching TV, exercising, and being active, in general. My life’s motto is…

Who are the cast of Big Brother Season 18?

Big Brother Season 18: Meet The New Cast. 1 Nicole Franzel. Age: 23 Hometown: Ubly, MI Current city: Ubly, MI Occupation: ER nurse. 2 James Huling. 3 Frank Eudy. 4 Da’Vonne Rogers. 5 Bronte D’Acquisto.