What is the definition for vendetta?

English speakers borrowed vendetta, spelling and all, from Italian, in which it means “revenge.” It ultimately traces to the Latin verb vindicare, which means “to lay claim to” or “to avenge.” That Latin word is also in the family tree of many other English terms related to getting even, including avenge, revenge.

What is age old vendetta?

An age-old vendetta between two powerful families erupts into bloodshed. A group of masked Montagues risk further conflict by gatecrashing a Capulet party. In a desperate attempt to be reunited with Romeo, Juliet follows the Friar’s plot and fakes her own death.

What’s another word for vendetta?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vendetta, like: blood-feud, gripe, smear campaign, vengeance, tirade, dispute, fight, squabble, quarrel and feud.

How do you use the word vendetta?

Vendetta in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The candidate’s vendetta against his challenger led him to question the man’s character.
  2. Because Helen stole Joan’s car, Joan has waged a vendetta against her.
  3. Jim was arrested for acting on a vendetta against the man who killed his wife.

What is the law of vendetta?

Vendetta refers to a feud in which members of the opposing parties murder each other. The following is an example of a case law referring to vendetta: A vendetta is a private blood feud, often hereditary, in which a family seeks to avenge an injury to or a murder of one of its members upon the offender or his family.

What is another word for exact copy?

What is another word for exact duplicate?

dead ringer clone
double look-alike
carbon copy copy
Doppelganger eidetic image
exact counterpart facsimile

What’s the meaning of Gaza?

strong city
The word Gaza comes from the Hebrew Azzah, loosely meaning “strong city.” The entire region is named for its capital city, which has been conquered many times over the centuries. Among its many rulers were the Philistines. The theme of “strength” is indirectly connected to Gaza in the Bible.

What is retribution law?

: punishment imposed (as on a convicted criminal) for purposes of repayment or revenge for the wrong committed.

Which is the best definition of a vendetta?

A feud in which the relatives of a murdered or wronged person seek vengeance on the murderer or wrongdoer or on members of that person’s family. A bitter, destructive feud, normally between two families, clans, or factions, in which each injury or slaying is revenged: a blood feud.

What was the purpose of the Earp Vendetta Ride?

The Earp Vendetta Ride was a deadly search by a federal posse led by Deputy U.S. Marshal Wyatt Earp for a loose confederation of outlaw “Cowboys” they believed had ambushed his brothers Virgil and Morgan Earp, maiming the former and killing the latter.

Who are the actors in V for Vendetta?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification Natalie Portman Evey Hugo Weaving V Stephen Rea Finch Stephen Fry Deitrich John Hurt Adam Sutler

Who was Jack McMaster in the Earp Vendetta Ride?

Fluent in Spanish, McMaster used his inside knowledge of the Cowboys to assist the Earps in their search. He also liked fine horses. Jack “Turkey Creek” Johnson, whose real name according to Wyatt Earp was John William Blount, was a native of Missouri who was raised in the lead mining area near Neosho.