How do I contact Union Pacific?

Please call 1-888-UPRRCOP (877-7267) to report hazardous materials releases, personal injuries, criminal activities, illegal dumping, or other environmental incidents. To report emergency grade crossing blockages or damage, please call 1-800-848-8715.

Is Union Pacific a good place to work?

On average, employees at Union Pacific Railroad give their company a 3.5 rating out of 5.0 – which is 11% lower than the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss. The happiest Union Pacific Railroad employees are Conductors submitting an average rating of 4.7.

What’s the price of Union Pacific Railroad stock?

$ 210.97

Close Chg Chg %
$210.05 -5.20 -2.42%

What’s the best railroad company to work for?

BNSF – the best railroad company to work for in 2019 and 2020.

How long is the Union Pacific Railroad?

The Union Pacific Railroad ( reporting marks UP, UPP, UPY ), legally Union Pacific Railroad Company and simply Union Pacific, is a freight-hauling railroad that operates 8,300 locomotives over 32,200 miles (51,800 km) routes in 23 U.S. states west of Chicago and New Orleans.

When was Union Pacific Railway created?

Government Action. Union Pacific was created in 1862, during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. That year, Congress passed the Pacific Railroad Act, establishing UP and tasked it with building a rail line westward from Omaha, Nebraska.

What is Union Pacific RR?

The original company, the Union Pacific Rail Road was incorporated on July 1, 1862, under an act of Congress entitled Pacific Railroad Act of 1862. The act was approved by President Abraham Lincoln, and it provided for the construction of railroads from the Missouri River to the Pacific as a war measure for the preservation of the Union.

What is Oregon Pacific Railroad Company?

Oregon Pacific Railroad (1997) Oregon Pacific Railroad (reporting mark OPR) is a short-line railroad operating two disconnected routes: one in southeast Portland, Oregon, and another incorporating portions of the former Southern Pacific Molalla Branch between Canby and Liberal, Oregon.