Are there any Michelin star ramen restaurants in Tokyo?

There are currently three Michelin Star Ramen Restaurants in Tokyo (each boasting one Michelin star). From delicately spicy tantanmen to barrel-aged shoyu ramen, each restaurant specializes in a decidedly different bowl. Not sure which one to visit?

Are there any good Ramen joints in Tokyo?

As I mentioned, when it came to building a list of the “must visit” ramen Tokyo, it seemed like a thankless task. Luckily, with the expertise of Hiroshi-san, he was able to put together a stellar line up of ramen joints that are truly world-class.

Which is the best Ramen in the world?

Ramen is taking over the world. It’s hearty, it’s got flavour, there’s a dynamic range of textures, and it’s simple yet complex at the same time. In order to truly understand the Japanese favourite comfort food, one has to make a pilgrimage to where this simple bowl of soup, noodles, and toppings began.

What kind of sauce do they use for ramen?

The first part is the triple soup that uses a clear pork broth, Wa-dashi, and hamaguri clam dashi. It’s then topped with homemade truffle sauce, porcini oil and flakes. If that wasn’t enough, they make their own noodles homemade and in-house (the close room you’ll see in the shop).

How many Michelin star restaurants are there in Thailand?

Twenty-four restaurants — 20 veteran and two new — received a single star, with a variety of cuisines honoured: southern Thai, northern Thai, traditional Thai, contemporary Thai, European, Japanese and street-food eateries.

What was the mistake in Michelin star instant ramen?

I only realised I might have made a mistake when the clumps of meat appeared when the dry pack was spinkled on the ramen. Fortunately the ramen needed more water and another dose of boiling water was added to soften the dried items.

Which is the best two star restaurant in Thailand?

The two-star rating was retained by Sühring (German) Le Normandie (French) and Mezzaluna (French). Newly admitted to the two-star club were R-Haan Thai restaurant and Sorn southern Thai cuisine restaurant, which join only a handful of Thai restaurants around the world to garner two-star recognition.