What kind of shoes are in the Nike Blazer collection?

Choose from a number of popular Blazer vintage styles including the Nike Blazer Mid 77 and Nike Blazer Mid 77 Women’s to the Nike Blazer Low. Looking for more? Shop these Nike shoes collections:

When did the Nike Blazer first come out?

In the ’70s, Nike was the new shoe on the block. So new in fact, we were still breaking into the basketball scene and testing prototypes on the feet of our local team. Of course, the design improved over the years, but the name stuck. The Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage—classic from the beginning.

What kind of silhouette does a Nike Blazer have?

Born from our classic basketball silhouette, the Nike Blazer delivers the perfect crossover of vintage vibes with timeless character. Featuring the iconic bold Swoosh, offset against crisp and clean uppers, this rotation essential comes ready to amplify your personal style.

What kind of sneakers do you wear at Dick’s?

Tell us what you think about our filters! Enjoy the same simple, classic look that ruled the ’70s with Nike Blazer shoes from DICK’S Sporting Goods. Nike Blazers have a vintage, hoops-inspired feel and are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are kicking back or on-the-go, these sneakers create a laid-back vibe that never goes out of style.

What was the purpose of the Nike Blazer?

When the Blazer first came to market, textured and vulcanized rubber soles were a staple of basketball shoes, giving players the traction they needed for hard cuts and strong post moves. The leather upper was also standard, as it was the only material (before the age of Nike Flywire) that could lockdown the foot while also providing flexibility.

When did the Nike Blazer SB come out?

Nike, seeing its cult following in the skateboarding world, even created the Blazer SB in 2005 to cater to skateboarder’s specific needs. Nearly 50 years after its debut, the Blazer has stood the test of time. The simple design, leather upper, and large Swoosh gave it a classic look that was easily adapted to streetwear.