How do you use MakeMKV?

(5) How to use MakeMKV to rip DVD and Blu ray

  1. Launch MakeMKV in Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  2. Insert a disc to your optical drive or USB cable.
  3. Click “File”> “Open disc” and select the target disc.
  4. Click the button like a drive – Wait for MakeMKV to analyze your disc.

How do I rip movies with MakeMKV?

Put a Blu-ray movie into your PC’s Blu-ray drive, and click the Blu-ray button in the middle of the screen. MakeMKV can rip copies of your Blu-ray movies to your PC. 3. MakeMKV will scan the disc to identify the titles to rip.

How long does MakeMKV take to rip a DVD?

It will look for potential errors, judge the copy protection, and remove tiny files which are likely not part of the movie or special features. This process can take quite a few minutes so you need to be patient. In this case, it took ten minutes. Older discs are often faster.

Is MakeMKV safe to use?

Although it can’t rip all encrypted discs, it can handle Blu-rays and DVDs protected with AACS and BD+ encryption without any additional software. All metadata (such as track titles, chapter information and track language) is kept intact when your discs are ripped, and conversion is pretty speedy.

Does MakeMKV remove copy protection?

MakeMKV is a free application that basically just copies files from a disc to a file. In the process it removes basically any copyright protect and rebundles the files in a MKV container instead of the VOB one used on DVDs.

Can MakeMKV rip to MP4?

To copy or rip a Blu-Ray to MP4 or MKV we will use both MakeMKV and HandBrake – both are free. The HandBrake conversion is optional, since MakeMKV already creates and MKV. The MKV file(s) MakeMKV creates however are huge (30 Gb and more) as it’s a full, not transcoded, copy of your DVD or Blu-Ray disc.

What does MakeMKV cost?

MakeMKV is a refreshingly frill-free DVD ripper. It’s available for Windows, macOS and Linux, and is completely free to use while it’s in public beta.

Is MakeMKV lossless?

I had AnyjDVD running in the background and somehow it was dropping the res to be similar to handbrake. Once I turned that off, I get a great quality rip with MakeMKV. Thanks again for the insight! Very confused how you possibly would’ve gotten any variance in quality since MakeMKV is lossless.