What song plays in the Astrosphere at Funtown?

The Astrosphere is a Scambler ride inside an air-locked dome with a laser light show set to music. It’s a very cool ride and the music they use is ELO’s “Fire on HIgh.” Now obviously is too late this year, but do you think it’s time for a music update or is that blasphemy?

Does Funtown Splashtown have an arcade?

The lobby of the building is now an arcade, and the rest of the building is used as storage. In 1982, Antique Cars was added to the park’s lineup, and for the first time bracelets were sold to guests for unlimited riding. Two years later in 1984, Funtown opened Tempest in the Tea Cups.

What year did Funtown close?

In 1982, Fun Town, the last amusement park within Chicago’s city limits, ended its 32-year run of thrilling South Side children.

Who owns Funtown USA?

After 60 consecutive years, the Funtown Splashtown USA will not operate this summer, according to the park’s owner, Kevin Cormier.

Does Funtown have a walk around pass?

Guests wearing a Splashtown USA bracelet can walk around the Funtown USA Ride Park, but cannot go on the rides.

How tall is the Dragon’s descent at Funtown?

67 m
Dragon’s Descent/Height

How much are the tickets for splashtown?

Splashtown San Antonio Admission Prices Discounts vary by date. Season Passes are $64.99 each or if you buy 4 or more they are $54.99 each. Friends and family receive 50% off the price of general admission before 4 p.m. (limited to four people per pass).

Does Hurricane Harbor have Flash passes?

Hurrican Harbor now has the Flash Pass….and boy is it worth it.

What was the first attraction at Funtown USA?

The “Luv Machine” was only at the park a short time, and was located where the Red Baron Planes are now. In 1976, Funtown USA unveiled its first themed attraction with the Astrosphere, a Scrambler darkride. A favorite of many, the Astrosphere is a unique light-and-sound experience.

Where is the zipper at Funtown Splashtown?

In 1967, Cormier and Dallaire form a partnership and Funtown USA is born, adding a “Zipper”, outdoor bumper cars, Merry-Go-Round, and the “Luv Machine” (Bayun Kurve). The Zipper was located where the Cash Cube is now.

Do you have to wear face covering at Funtown Splashtown?

Face coverings will not be required for admittance to Funtown Splashtown USA this summer. When entering any retail and food locations, face covering must be worn. This will also be true when riding THE ASTROSPHERE, or entering either of the arcades.

Where is Funtown Splashtown in Saco Maine?

A. Funtown Splashtown USA is located at 774 Portland Road, Saco Maine 04072. This address should bring you to the intersection of Portland Road (US Route 1) and Funtown Parkway.