Is Tacori jewelry expensive?

All things considered, Tacori engagement rings really do stand out from the crowd. Yes, you will pay a premium price for their pieces, however, in terms of quality, finish, beauty, and aesthetics, the brand has proven that this premium is well worth it.

Is Tacori Italian?

Romanian Roots When he was found making gold wedding rings for a family friend, he was arrested and imprisoned for one year. Gilda Bailian and Haig Tacorian, co-founders of Tacori, are born in Romania during the the Communist regime.

Do Tacori rings hold their value?

When selling a Tacori engagement ring, the majority of the value will be in the center diamond. At the point of resale, you can expect to recover more than a generic brand but still expect to get a fraction of the original retail price paid for the ring alone.

What diamonds does Tacori use?

Tacori diamonds used in our semi-mounts are generally G color and VS clarity diamonds, or better. They’ve been hand-selected by Tacori diamond experts, and are used in all of our engagement ring mountings and wedding bands for maximum beauty and brilliance.

Does Tacori have sales?

Private Sale is only available through, United States only.

What kind of ring is a Tacori ring?

Every Tacori ring is made-to-measure just for you. Every Tacori ring is made-to-measure just for you. An eternity. An anniversary. A statement.

How to create an account at Tacori jewelry?

Please enter your email address below to create account. Forgot Your Password? Create New Account? Please enter your email address below to receive a password reset link. Iconic Tacori elements meet clean, modern design in the Founder’s Collection.

How does Tacori go to Susan G Komen?

Make a statement or elevate your everyday look with Tacori fine jewelry. 25% of the purchase price of each piece will go to Susan G. Komen to help fund breast cancer research and get care to those who need it. Add a little sparkle to your everyday look. Conceived, Curated & Created in Everyday 10k Gold.