How old are the Callanish Standing Stones?

5,000 years ago
The Calanais Standing Stones are an extraordinary cross-shaped setting of stones erected 5,000 years ago. They predate England’s famous Stonehenge monument, and were an important place for ritual activity for at least 2,000 years.

How do you get the Callanish stone?

How to get to the Standing Stones. Drive from the ferry terminal in either Stornoway or Tarbert on Lewis along the A859 to the turning for the village of Callanish, taking about 25 mins from Stornoway, or 50 mins from Tarbert.

How many monoliths are in the Callanish stone?

Consisting of a central circle of 13 monoliths with a surrounding cross shape of 5 rows of outer stones overlooking the great western Ocean, they were built some 5,000 years ago as part of a wider ritual landscape (like Stonehenge) and remained a ritual centre throughout the Bronze age over a span of some 3,000 years.

What are the Callanish Stones made of?

The Callanish Stones consist of a stone circle of thirteen stones with a monolith near the middle. Five rows of standing stones connect to this circle.

Are the Callanish stones older than Stonehenge?

The Standing Stones of Callanish (or Calanais to give it it’s Gaelic spelling)? It has been nicknamed the ‘Stonehenge of the North’ but, built around 3000 BC, the stones actually predate Stonehenge by approximately 2,000 years.

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Where are the standing stones of Callanish located?

The Standing Stones of Callanish – Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland – YouTube The Standing Stones of Challanish (Calanais or Chalanais in Gaelic) are described as a testament to the skills and determination of the people who lived in t…

What kind of stone is the Calanais stone?

The Calanais Standing Stones (or Callanish in its anglicised form) is a cruciform shaped stone circle, erected 5000 years and standing the elemental weather of the Outer Hebrides, there is much mystery surrounding their inception.

Is the Sleeping Beauty in the Callanish Stones?

It is not necessarily an original part of the site. The Sleeping Beauty, also known as the ‘Cailleach Na Mointeach’ or ‘Old woman of the moors’, is a spectacular skyline of a woman’s prone form seen to the north east from the standing stones of Callanish.

What did the people of Lewis Call the Callanish Stones?

According to one tradition, the Callanish Stones were petrified giants who would not convert to Christianity. In the 17th century the people of Lewis were calling the stones fir bhrèige (“false men”).