Is there no hassle guarantee with Wiha Tools?

Wiha tools are built to last and loved by professionals around the world. We’re confident you will love your next Wiha product, we offer No Hassle Guarantee on most products. Some exclusions apply. See full page for details

What kind of screwdriver does Wiha Tools use?

Wiha Tools has delivered high-quality screwdrivers for professionals since 1939. Made of the most durable materials, Wiha Screwdrivers are built to last. #30288 SoftFinish Screwdriver Drivers & Cutters 7 Pc.

When did Wiha Tools Start in the USA?

Wiha Tools USA Since 1985. Wiha Activities In the USA Started in August of 1985 bringing Wiha quality to professional tool users in North America. Our USA warehouse and distribution center services all 50 states & Our New Facilities In Canada Supply millions of tools from stock to professional quality conscious tool users throughout North America.

How much does a WIHA grip plier cost?

Starting at $22.03 Starting at $32.72 Starting at $32.72 You are using a web browser that is no longer supported by our platform requirements. For your convenience, you can still browse, list, and compare tools, but you will no longer be able to make purchases on this website.

What makes a WIHA tool a good tool?

The SoftFinish® ergonomic shape allows maximum torque and user comfort. Maximum comfort in daily use, smooth operation & optimum force transmission without uncomfortable pressure points. Natural brushed finish.

What kind of insulation does WIHA blade use?

Slimeline technology integrates the molded insulation directly onto blade, ideal for jobs where access is limited. Advanced technology dual material molding. A remarkable improvement in handle design, comfort and performance. The SoftFinish® ergonomic shape allows maximum torque and user comfort.