How much horsepower does a Yamaha Grizzly 125 have?

It has a Yamaha Grizzly 125 top speed of 35 mph, is user-friendly, and is the ideal ride for beginner riders….Engine.

Yamaha YFM125GT
Bore x Stroke Ratio 49×66 mm (1.93×2.60 in)
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Displacement 124 cm³ / 7.57 in³
Horsepower 8.7 hp (6.5 kW)

What is a 2009 Yamaha Grizzly worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $9,099 $5,485
Options (Add)
Total Price $9,099 $5,485

What years did Yamaha make the Grizzly 125?

Yamaha Grizzly 125 Specs The Yamaha Grizzly 125 model is a ATV bike manufactured by Yamaha . In this version sold from year 2011 , the dry weight is and it is equipped with a Single cylinder, four-stroke motor. The engine produces a maximum peak output power of and a maximum torque of .

Is the Can Am 850 reliable?

Registered. They are actually very reliable. Theres many in the 5 digits for mileage. Thing is they make alot more power then most so stuff tends to break easier if you ride hard hard or start lifting and putting big tires.

Where is the VIN number on a Yamaha Grizzly 125?

One may also ask, where is the model number on a Yamaha Grizzly? The VIN is typically stamped into the frame around the bottom left side or bottom front. Look on the left side of your vehicle’s frame behind the front tire. If it is not there, you may want to check the lower frame rail beneath the engine.

Is 2009 Yamaha Grizzly fuel injected?

The all new 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 550 EPS comes fully equipped with a powerful fuel injected 558cc 4-stroke engine, On-Command 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel disc brakes, the fully automatic ULTRAMATIC transmission, and electric power steering.

How fast is a grizzly 700?

The top speed of a stock Yamaha Grizzly 700 is 64 mph. Some owners claim to hit 70 mph with their 2015 Yamaha Grizzly 700.

What kind of bike is the Yamaha Grizzly 125?

Hit the jump for more information on the 2013 Yamaha Grizzly 125. If you’ve decided that you could do with some four-wheeled help on the job, the Grizzly 125 is your one-stop solution.

How big is a 2009 Yamaha Grizzly winch?

Warn 2500LB winch and 5ft County P… 2009 YAMAHA GRIZZLY 550 FI AUTO EPS, Key Features The 500cc class has a new leader, with a fully featured package based on its best-selling bigger You might like these other Yamaha ATVs.

What kind of engine does a Yamaha Grizzly have?

The 4-stroke engines used in Yamaha ATVs are designed to give you high levels of torque at low and midrange rpm. The result is increased traction – on all kinds of terrain. The Grizzly 125 uses a 125cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, designed for exceptional reliability.

What kind of seat does a Yamaha Grizzly have?

2009 Yamaha Grizzly 550 EFI EPSFuel Injected, Power Steering, Rear storage and seat, water proof storage, Mirror kit, Grip Heater! 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 700 FI Auto 4×4 EPS Special Edition, Good condition 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 700 Special Edition in a unique red flame color scheme!…