What is the difference between Kurdish and Turkish?

Kurds are one of the ethnic groups of people living in Turkey and many other parts of the world. Turks speak Turkish; Kurds speak two or more languages and are multilingual people. Kurds are mostly Sunni Muslims, some minorities are Shia Muslims too; Turks are mainly Muslims but the country is a Secular State.

Which race is Kurdish?

Kurds (Kurdish: کورد ,Kurd‎) or Kurdish people are an Iranian ethnic group native to the mountainous region of Kurdistan in Western Asia, which spans southeastern Turkey, northwestern Iran, northern Iraq, and northern Syria.

What is difference between Kurdish and Turkish?

What is are some ethnicity of Kurdish people?

The Kurdish people are believed to be of heterogeneous origins combining a number of earlier tribal or ethnic groups including Lullubi, Guti, Cyrtians, Carduchi. Some of them have also absorbed some elements from Semitic, Turkic and Armenian people.

Are Kurds a religion or an ethnic group?

Likewise, religions are not based on ethnicity, but rather their beliefs. The Kurds are an ethnic group that lives in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. Most Kurds religious beliefs are in the Sunni side of Islam , rather than the Shia/Shiite side.

What do Kurds share as part of their ethnic group?

The Kurdish people are an ethnic group from the Middle East, sharing the same language and cultural identity. They are culturally and linguistically related to the Iranians. The Kurds inhabit a contiguous 500,000-square-kilometre area spanning four different countries – southeastern Turkey, northern Iraq,…

What is the Kurdish nationalism?

Kurdish nationalism. Kurdish nationalism (Kurdish: Kurdayetî, کوردایەتی) holds that the Kurdish people are deserving of a sovereign nation that would be partitioned out of areas in Turkey, northern Iraq, and Syria based on the promised nation of Kurdistan under the Treaty of Sèvres.