What does Grede Foundry do?

Grede Foundries, Inc. is one of the largest foundry companies in North America. Grede specializes in casting parts from ferrous metals, which includes steel, gray iron, and ductile iron.

Who owns Grede foundry?

Gamut Capital Management
Grede is an independent company owned by Gamut Capital Management (Gamut), that designs, engineers, validates and manufactures high-quality ductile, gray and specialty iron castings for automotive, commercial and industrial markets.

What does Grede make?

Grede. The Company specializes in ferrous metals: gray iron, ductile iron, and steel castings. Grede has helped our customers build the backbone of civilization by providing castings for many of the products they are famous for throughout the world.

What does Waupaca Foundry do?

Waupaca Foundry, Inc., formerly known as ThyssenKrupp Waupaca, is among the world’s largest independent iron foundries. The company produces gray, ductile, and compacted graphite iron castings.

What do they make at the Waupaca Foundry?

Is Waupaca Foundry for sale?

Waupaca Foundry Inc. will be acquired by Hitachi Metals Ltd. according to a sale agreement, in a deal expected to close later this year.

Is Waupaca Foundry closing?

28, 2020— Waupaca Foundry will close its ductile iron foundry in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania in early August 2020. The closure is an alignment of manufacturing operations in the United States and is a result of capacity that exceeds demand in the supply chain.

How much do you make at Waupaca?

The average Waupaca Foundry hourly pay ranges from approximately $20 per hour for a Production to $20 per hour for a Production. Waupaca Foundry employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.7/5 stars.

Who is buying Waupaca Foundry?

KPS Capital Partners, LP
July 2, 2010—Waupaca Foundry, Inc., formerly ThyssenKrupp Waupaca, announced today the completion of its acquisition by KPS Capital Partners, LP.

Who bought Waupaca Foundry?

Hitachi Metals
(Waupaca, WI) Nov. 10, 2014—Waupaca Foundry, Inc. announced today the completion of its acquisition by Hitachi Metals. Waupaca Foundry, Inc. is the world’s largest producer of ductile iron and gray iron castings.

What is starting pay at Waupaca Foundry?

Waupaca Foundry Salaries

Job Title Salary
Production salaries – 5 salaries reported $14/hr
Machine Operator salaries – 4 salaries reported $18/hr
Electrician salaries – 3 salaries reported $30/hr
Project Engineer salaries – 2 salaries reported $19/hr

Who is buying Hitachi Metals?

Bain Capital
TOKYO (Reuters) -A consortium led by global private equity firm Bain Capital will buy all the shares of Hitachi Metals Ltd for 817 billion yen ($7.5 billion), Hitachi Ltd’s metals subsidiary said on Wednesday.

When did Grede Foundries go out of business?

In 1932, Grede entered into a venture with a struggling Milwaukee firm, Milwaukee Steel Foundry Company. Milwaukee Steel was a good-sized business, with 100 employees, but in the midst of the Depression, it was operating at only ten percent of capacity. Grede’s management turned things around, and brought the company back to profitability.

Where was the Grede iron foundry in Reedsburg located?

In 1951, the company purchased a gray iron foundry in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, and converted this to a ductile iron facility. After World War II, members of the next generation of the Grede family began joining the company. These were actually William Grede’s two sons-in-law.

Where did William Grede build the Iron Mountain foundry?

William Grede continued to build his company after World War II. In 1947, Grede Foundries built a new foundry in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This was called Iron Mountain Foundry, in Kingsford, Michigan. It specialized in gray iron casting. It started out with 64 foundry workers, and gradually increased its capacity.

What kind of businesses did William Grede have?

William Grede was involved in three businesses–Liberty Foundry and Spring City Foundry, which he owned, and Milwaukee Steel Foundry. In 1940, Grede brought together the three foundries as one corporate entity. This was Grede Foundries, Inc.