How do you write OPR ammo in the Air Force?


  1. Three Parts Of A Good Performance Report Bullet 6.
  2. Use Impact-Oriented, Action Words Or Phrases.
  3. Use SINGLE Bullets–NO Wraparounds.
  4. Avoid Fluffy, Feel-Good Phrases And Prose.
  5. Define ALL Acronyms And Abbreviations First Before Using Them.
  6. White Space Is Not Good.

What does OPR mean in the Air Force?

OER: Officer Evaluation Report. The evaluation form used to record the performance of officers in the Army. OPR: Officer Performance Report. The evaluation form used to record the performance of officers in the Air Force.

What does OPR mean?

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What is a must promote on EPR?

Must Promote is limited to the top 15 percent of time-in-grade/time-in-service promotion-eligible senior airmen and the top 10 percent of time-in-grade/time-in-service promotion-eligible staff and technical sergeants. There are no restrictions on the remaining three promotion ratings.

Which is an example of an EPR bullet?

Administrative EPR Bullets Examples of EPR Bullets for Admin Duties Contact Us Links Home Air Force Admin/CSS EPR Bullets Job Description CSS Commander – CSS CC for AMC’s lgst OSS; supervises 6 Civ/12 enlisted–runs 63 prgms f/Gp/5 Sqs/881 Mil/53 Civ/94 Contractors

What does EPR stand for in military category?

– Briefed several theater commanders, dignitaries on critical mission intelligence during ops–enabled cohesive effort Cough up some EPR bullets, you slackers!

What are the EPR bullets for Luke Air Force base?

– Ensured all SPICE systems on Luke Air Force Base intergrated with global decision support system II – Est’d site; coord’d w/3 agencies/enabled 2 srv certs–max’d climo relevance/400K DoD/IC users – Establish’d FO connectivity for Navy ISR UCC; provid’d 12 strand FO/2 LAN drops–enabled C4ISR capes

Who is the Air Force EPR program manager?

– Tackled 3 MBA courses; amassed 3.0 GPA/18 credit hrs shy of degree– honed skills to manage unit $2.2 mil budget – Overcome evaluation program difficulties/fixed 40 EPR backlog; 99% EPR/OPRs completion rate, #1 program in the state! – Lead CPR Instructor & Fitness Program Manager; trained 15+ PTLs; maintained 100% FA program compliance