When did Frank Blake leave Home Depot?

November 2014
Blake retired as CEO of Home Depot in November 2014 after seven years, and then stepped down as the company’s chairman in February 2015.

What type of leader was Frank Blake?

Transformational Leadership
Frank Blake embodies our five facets of Transformational Leadership, and Menear looks poised to carry the torch.

How old is Frank Blake?

72 years (July 30, 1949)
Frank Blake/Age

How long was Frank Blake CEO of Home Depot?


Business positions
Preceded by Robert Nardelli CEO of Home Depot 2007-2014 Succeeded by Craig Menear

What is Frank Blake doing now?

Blake serves on the board of Delta Air Lines, Proctor & Gamble, Macy’s, Georgia Aquarium and Agnes Scott College. He also chairs the board of Grady Hospital. Click here to see a video tour of the home.

What is Bob Nardelli doing now?

Nardelli currently is on the Board of Trustees of the Savannah College of Art and Design and Cristo Rey Atlanta and also serves as a Board Director of BWXT Technologies, Inc. He has also served as a Board Director of Pep Boys and Wounded Warrior Project.

What is Craig Menear salary?

What is the salary of Craig Menear? As the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Home Depot, the total compensation of Craig Menear at Home Depot is $10,889,800. There are no executives at Home Depot getting paid more.

How old is Nardelli?

73 years (May 17, 1948)
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Why did Bob Nardelli leave Home Depot?

Home Depot CEO Robert Nardelli stepped down amid growing criticism from shareholders over his compensation. The $210 million in severance includes stock options and other compensation and is subject to certain conditions, it added.

Where did Frank Blake from normal people come from?

Frank can now be seen on screen in Normal People for BBC 3/HULU. He was last seen on stage in Druid’s production of Richard III , which appeared at the Lincoln Center in New York. Originally from Co. Clare, Frank Blake is a graduate of The Lir, National Academy of Dramatic Art in association with RADA and Trinity College Dublin.

Who are the family members of James Blake?

For their wedding party, the duo kept it all family: The groom’s brother Thomas Blake beside James and the bride’s brother Jason Snider beside Emily. The ring bearer was Snider’s nephew Frank, 3.

When did Bob Blake and his wife get married?

In 1977, Blake married Anne McChristian with whom he had two children. In 2005, he married Elizabeth Lanier (Blake) who works as general counsel for Habitat for Humanity International.

When did Frank Blake become chairman and CEO?

After Nardelli resigned as Chairman and CEO on January 3, 2007, amid controversy over the company’s stagnating stock price, poor customer service and Nardelli’s salary, Blake was elevated to these positions.