What are glass shards?

Frequency: The definition of a shard is a broken piece, especially of pottery, glass or metal. An example of a shard is a small piece of glass that broke off a window. A piece of broken glass or pottery, especially one found in an archaeological dig.

What does it mean when you dream about your glasses breaking?

Seeing broken glasses in a dream means that his friends no longer perceive him as their like-minded person; so he will have unpleasant showdowns with them. If you broke the glasses yourself, this means you will make a mistake that will lead for losses. This is also a sign of some problems and obstacles.

What do dreams about broken mirrors mean?

Broken mirrors in real life may signify bad luck, but if you see a broken mirror in your dream can have several meanings. It can point towards a distorted self image, but can also represent a personal evolution through saying goodbye to bad habits or negative thoughts about yourself.

What are broken pieces of glass called?

A shard is simply a broken piece of metal, glass, stone, or pottery with sharp edges.

Do shards of glass float?

Glass shards won’t float.

What does wearing glasses mean in a dream?

A troubling vision of life Just like in the real world, wearing glasses in a dream could be a sign that we are not seeing correctly, in both a figurative and real sense. So if you dream that you’re wearing glasses, it might be the time to think about your current situation and clear up a few things up.

What does seeing a mirror in your dream mean?

Mirrors provide us with a reflection and there presence in a dream may indicate that there is a need for personal reflection. A covered mirror in a dream may represent the ending of something in your waking life; it may be your single life, a longstanding friendship or the ending of a business venture.

What happens if you look in the mirror too long?

What happens if you look in a mirror for too long? Stare into a mirror for several minutes and you may notice your face begin to distort. It could even morph into something downright scary. Seeing monsters in mirrors has long been an effective horror movie device and grist for urban legends.

Why do I keep having dreams of Broken Glass?

Dreams of broken glass can be a common theme. Many dream experts such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud believe that dreams are a reflection of our daily lives. Thus, if you break glass in real life then this dream is a reflection of what has happened.

What does glass in a jar mean in a dream?

Many times people share dreams with me where there is something inside a box or jar made of glass that they cannot touch or get to. In these dreams, the glass is a symbol for an invisible barrier. These invisible barriers in dreams like this can sometimes be external or internal.

What does a Glass Doorknob mean in a dream?

Glass Doorknobs: Crystal glass doorknobs are an interesting symbol, because it often means you are finding clarity about an opportunity that is presented to you. This symbol frequently appears for people who are exploring their own spiritual calling or even are considering career changes.

What does a glass house mean in a dream?

Glass House: Often times in a dream, a house is a symbol for ourselves. You may be feeling that others are judging you or that you are completely transparent on who you are. “What you see is what you get” is a very literal statement for you.