Does Drew Scott have a baby?

Although Linda and Drew Scott don’t currently have any kids, they’re definitely working on it — and we wouldn’t be surprised if they made a pregnancy announcement within the next year. And when the time comes, we’re confident they’re going to be seriously amazing parents.

How do property brothers get paid?

The buyers own the property and pay for the remodeling, but the show is able to provide about $20,000 to $25,000 worth of cash and furnishings. The brothers do not charge for their services.

How much is it to hire the property brothers?

Although they don’t necessarily charge a fee up front for their services, you will need to have at least $90,000 set aside for your renovation and design budget to be considered for the show, and don’t forget — you also have to buy a new home.

Is Drew Scott sick?

You can rest easy knowing that Jonathan and Drew aren’t sick, but JD was open with fans about a mystery illness he had in 2019. JD discovered what was going on because his followers had commented on a post, suggesting he had been exposed to fluoroquinolone, which may have been in an antibiotic he was taking.

Is JD Scott still sick?

Although he suffered from a couple of mysterious illnesses in 2019 and at one point, thought he had lupus, JD seems to be on the mend and working on multiple projects at once. And if he’s going to keep up with his little bros on TV, he’s going to need his strength. Watch Brother vs.

Who are the hosts of my dream home?

Drew and Jonathan Scott help another person create their dream home. In this edition the pair come to the aid of Karima, who wants to find a deluxe urban home of her own. Property renovation series hosted by Drew and Jonathan Scott.

Who are the Scott Brothers on my dream home?

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott are back helping couples find, buy and transform extreme fixer-uppers, but they might need a little persuading that an unpromising property could, indeed, turn into the home of their dreams.

Where can I watch my lottery dream home?

Watch full episodes of ‘My Lottery Dream Home’ at After winning $180 million, Rick and Lorie look for their dream home. David Bromstad helps lottery winners find their dream home in the Hamptons.

Who was the winner of HGTV’s my lottery dream home?

The original HGTV Design Star winner is known for his colorfully-designed interiors and custom artwork. Billy won a million dollars on a scratch-off and changed his family’s life, no longer living paycheck to paycheck. Now they need David Bromstad’s help to find a forever home in Knoxville, TN, that fits their $180,000 budget.