What does the harvest Lord drop?

The Harvest Lord is the final Boss of the Triton Avenue story line. He kidnapped Suzie Gryphonbane and caused havoc all over the street. Two additional Rotted Fodder Minions appear if more than two Wizards are present….Creature:The Harvest Lord.

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Inc. Boost 10% to
Inc. Resist 40% to
Stunable No
Beguilable No

How do you beat the harvest Lord in Wizard101?

When you go in to fight the harvest lord, you must have fire prism, fireblade, and fire bird or any other more powerful spell. now for the first move you can either use fire prism or fire blade on you or the harvest lord, depending on what you can do.

Where is the harvest Lord?

The Harvest Lord is the main boss on Triton Avenue.

Where is the Forest Lord pet?

You can: Buy Forest Lord Treasures from Bazaar (a lot cheaper). Also, you can sell No Auction Pets to any Equipment/Pet Vendor (such as the one inside the Pavilion) or the merchant just outside the Bazaar.

Where is the Kraken Wizard101?


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Minion N/A
Wizard City Triton Avenue – Four Falls Mill

What level is Scarecrow w101?

Requirements: Required Character Level: 48.

How do you get the Forest Lord pet in wizard101?

The best way to get this pet is to hatch with an inferno beast, this is basically the same as the forest lord yet with a higher pedigree level, it is not life only as well. Yet you do need the life mastery amulet to use the spell the pet itself can be used by anyone!

How do you get the Dryad pet in wizard101?

And to get your Dryad pet, you must be level 98 and have completed the level 78 pet quest.

How do I get to the Kraken in Wizard101 2021?

You must get a quest (forgot the name… it’s been so long) that unlocks the teleporter to it. After you do the latter, just hop into the Kraken like you would any boss battle. You must do all the quests he gives you to eventually gain access to the Kraken.

Does Kraken drop loot sea of thieves?

The loot will drop at the exact location where the tentacles were slain and can usually already be spotted during the fight. Starting with the Seabound Soul Update, Krakens also have the chance to drop an Ashen Chest.

How do you get the wraith pet in wizard101?

Re: How do you get wraith pet? You get it from a death quest at level 48. Once you finish that quest you will receive the Wraith pet and a spell called scarecrow.

What happens to Wizard and Harvest Lord in Harvest Lord?

Harvest Lord: So, Wizard, you too have uncovered Malistaire’s plans. Too bad you will have to remain here with the other wizard! The both of you will be powerless to stop us!Soon the Undead will drive out all the citizens and take over the rest of the city!

Where can I find the Wizard101 pet guide?

The original version of this guide, written by Elie Hex, could originally be found in the Duelist101 community. Elie made a great start, but he decided to quit wizard101, so we’re taking over and adding some information and formatting! I believe Elie got his pictures from the Central Wiki.

What are drop chances for Lord nightshade Wizard101?

For a detailed breakdown of drop chances, see the Lord Nightshade Hallowe’en Drops 2011 page. Two additional Field Guard Minions will join the duel when more than two Wizards are present. The Second Chance Chest, “Nightshade’s Chest”, will appear after the duel.