What weight class did Johnny Tapia fight in?

FeatherweightLightweightSuper flyweight
Johnny Tapia/Division

Who did Johnny Tapia lose to?

Paulie Ayala
In 1999, Tapia suffered his first loss in his 48-bout career, losing a decision and the WBA title to Paulie Ayala in what The Ring Magazine called its “Fight of the Year.” Later that year, Tapia tried to commit suicide with a drug overdose and required hospitalization.

Is Johnny Tapia alive?

Deceased (1967–2012)
Johnny Tapia/Living or Deceased

Who did Johnny Tapia train?

Teresa Tapia
Teresa Tapia said the pair moved to Big Bear, California, to train. “Everything was in question with his career because they didn’t want him in New Mexico and was facing a huge felony,” Teresa Tapia said. At the time of her husband’s passing in 2012, Teresa Tapia said she was managing as many as 20 fighters.

Who Killed Johnny Tapias mom?

Then poor Virginia, Tapia’s mother, was stabbed to death 26 times by a screwdriver, after being raped and dragged from a pickup truck by chains. Young Johnny was awakened the night his mother was taken when her blood-curdling screams filled the house. He witnessed her being dragged off, and his life was never the same.

What happened to Johnny Tapias mom?

When did Johnny Tapia start his boxing career?

Tapia’s professional boxing career began on March 25, 1988, when he fought Effren Chavez in Irvine, California. After four rounds of boxing the fight was called a draw.

When did Johnny Tapia and Jorge Barrera fight?

Tapia’s split with the Romero family had not been on good terms. 1997 saw Tapia fend off a challenge from Jorge Barrera in three rounds. After that, the fight with Romero was set for Las Vegas. The fight took place on July 18. Tapia won by a unanimous twelve-round decision, adding the IBF title to his WBO belt.

How many fights did Johnny Tapia win by knockout?

Mike Tyson called Tapia one of the greatest fighters ever. He won 59 fights, 30 by knockout; lost 5; and drew 2. He was knocked out only once. His left jab was punishing, and he claimed not to mind being hit. He sometimes stuck out his tongue to taunt opponents.

What kind of decision did Johnny Tapia win?

After he defended his belt with a decision over Javier Torres, a rematch with Ayala to unify the belt was set up. Ayala won by unanimous decision in a fight that ring observers largely felt Tapia won; following the fight, Showtime commentators said that Tapia “put on a clinic” and “something’s not right,” nearly labeling the decision as rigged.