How many people run the Chicago half marathon?

Susan Nicholl is the race director and founder of the event. With 20,000 registrants and 13,537 finishers in 2009, the race bills itself as the fifth largest half marathon in the United States and the 21st largest road running event in the country.

How many people run the Bristol Half Marathon?

First staged in 1989 and known as the Bristol Half Marathon, the city centre run has become a long-held tradition in the national running calendar. Over 10,000 runners every year make this a must do event with an atmosphere second to none.

How many people run a half marathon each year?

Half-Marathon Race Statistics Globally, there were about 2.1 million half-marathon participants in 2018, according to the IIRM. The average half-marathon time for women around the world is about 2 hours and 15 minutes. The average half-marathon time for men around the world is about 1 hour and 48 minutes.

What is a good half marathon time for an average runner?

Running a sub 2 hour or 1:59:59 half-marathon means maintaining an average pace of 9:09 minutes per mile, which is considered a respectable half-marathon time among runners. Highly competitive runners aim for harder targets, like a 1 hour and 30-minute half-marathon (6:51 minutes per mile pace or faster).

How far in KM is half marathon?

21.0975 km
A half marathon is a road running event of 21.0975 km (13.109 mi, or 13 mi 192½ yd)—half the distance of a marathon.

What percentage of people can run half marathon?

Four times as many runners, more than 2 million athletes, completed a half marathon in the same timeframe. While a record number of runners are completing 26.2- and 13.1-mile races, marathoners and half-marathoner still make up less than 1 percent of the American population.

What is considered an elite half marathon time?

Please note the following: Qualifying races must have been run on or after October 1, 2018, on courses certified by USATF, AIMS or IAAF. Results must be verifiable by our elite entry coordinator….Qualifying Standards.

Distance Male Female
Half marathon 1:13:00 1:25:00
10K 38:00 45:00
5K 18:00 22:00

When does the great Bristol Half Marathon start?

Bristol’s much-loved running events return to the city’s streets in 2021, and this year it’s all about the comeback! Take your place on the Great Bristol Run 10k or half marathon start line and be part of the celebration.

Is there a half marathon in Chicago in the fall?

Run Chicago in the Fall! Experience all Chicago has to offer at the HOKA ONE ONE Chicago Half Marathon & 5K! Take in breathtaking cityscape views, lakefront breezes, vibrant neighborhoods and the beauty of the Windy City in the fall. Earn a HUGE finisher medal and relish in your post race glory at the Chi town infused finish line festival.

When did the Bristol and Bath Marathon start?

In 2014, a new marathon was launched in Bristol. Organised by Go2Events, the Bristol + Bath Marathon follows much of the Bristol Half Marathon route before heading out of the city through South Gloucestershire and into Bath finishing at Royal Victoria Park. The inaugural event took place on 25 October 2015.

When is the life time 5K in Chicago?

The Life Time 5K will take place on Sunday, September 26, the same day as the HOKA ONE ONE Chicago Half Marathon, and actually uses the same start line and finish line as the Chicago Half Marathon.