What is an Army DA 31?

Da 31 Form A fillable DA 31 is used by US Army members to request leave from their post. This form collects certain personal information for the soldier, including how they may be reached if necessary.

What is a 4187 used for?

A DA Form 4187 will be used by the Department of the Army. This particular form is known as a Personnel Action form. It is used by a soldier who wants to request a personnel action on their own behalf. This could include training, reassignment, extra rations, name changes, and more.

How do you read a DA 31?

In the first part of your DA 31 form, you have to enter your control number followed by your name in the sequence of – last, first, and middle or initial name. Then, you have to type in your social security number, followed by your rank in the United States military and the date on which you filled the form.

Is there a new DA 31?

DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave, is a United States Army form that is necessary to request permission for temporary military leave. The latest edition of the form was issued on June 1, 2020, and was recently modified to include digital signatures that completely eliminate the need to print the form out.

What does DA mean in DA form?

DA. Decision Agent. Agent, Decision, Technology. Agent, Decision, Technology. 1.

What is a DA Form 268?

Fillable DA Form 268 The DA Form 268 is an Army personnel form used in conjunction with Regulation AR 600-8-2 to add or remove “flags” to a soldier’s record that will affect decisions pertaining to the soldier’s possible promotion in rank.

Do you need a DA 31 for TDY?

A6: Neither TDY nor travel can be requested with a DA Form 31.

What is da 31 control number?

What is the control number on a DA 31? (1) CONTROL NUMBER: Control numbers will begin at the beginning of the fiscal year with the control number “0001” and will run consecutively for each approved DA Form 31. If entry is a corrected entry, place a check mark in the column to the right of the control number.

What is proceed time on da 31?

a. Proceed time is a period of time not chargeable as leave, delay, or allowed travel time. It is granted for the purpose of facilitating necessary personal arrangements inherent in certain permanent change of station (PCS) orders.

What does DA mean in army?

Direct action (DA) is a term used in the context of military special operations for small-scale raids, ambushes, sabotage or similar actions.