How do you describe someone who is hot headed?

hot or fiery in spirit or temper; impetuous; rash: Hotheaded people shouldn’t drive cars. easily angered; quick to take offense.

What is another word for overheated?

What is another word for overheated?

burning scorching
searing fiery
hot sweltering
boiling roasting
torrid broiling

What is a excitable?

1 : capable of being readily roused into action or a state of excitement or irritability. 2 : capable of being activated by and reacting to stimuli excitable cells.

What is a synonym for cool headed?

synonyms for cool-headed calm. collected. composed. even-tempered. imperturbable.

What is the antonym of hot headed?

What is the opposite of hot-headed?

calm composed
peaceful relaxed
cool quiet
still serene
tranquil unruffled

What do hot headed people do?

Someone who is “hot-headed” experience emotional outbursts with little provocation. If someone is described with this idiom, it indicates that he or she doesn’t have control over their anger. When something displeases a person like this, they tend to act without thinking in response to the circumstances.

What is the opposite of overheat?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for overheat. chill, cool, refrigerate.

What does overcooling mean?

: to cool excessively : to lose or to cause (something or someone) to lose too much heat or warmth …

Is being excitable a good thing?

Being Highly Excitable has it’s challenges, but it can also be the root of a lot of great powers! Depending on the type of excitability, it can bring excellent problem solving abilities, supremely innovative thinking, deep emotional connection, keen sensory perception and/or dynamic energy.

What is an example of excitability?

Excitability is the ability to respond to a stimulus, which may be delivered from a motor neuron or a hormone. Extensibility is the ability of a muscle to be stretched. For instance, let’s reconsider our elbow flexing motion we discussed earlier.

What is the opposite of cool-headed?

What is the opposite of coolheaded?

anxious insecure
dithery edgy
jittery uncomfortable
uneasy uptight
unrelaxed unsettled

What is a level headed person?

The term “levelheaded” is often used to describe someone who is calm, balanced, not overly reactive, and able to stay reasonable and rationale during times of stress or conflict.

What is the meaning of a hot headed person?

“Hot-headed” is an English idiom used to describe someone who is quick to lose his or her temper in any situation. The implication of this idiom is that the person described in this manner is quick to get angry without calmly thinking about the consequences of that anger.

Why are some people hot headed?

Because they are deeply fueled by their goals and passions, you’ll find that hot heads are generally more emotional as well. However, they display these emotions in ways that are hostile and aggressive towards others. 2. Hot headed people tend to have strong characters/personalities.

What is hot head?

Hot Head is a Fire Golem who is one of the eight Giants in Skylanders : Giants.