Is Laree a name?

as a girls’ name is an American name. Laree is an alternate form of La- (American).

Is daylan a boy or girl name?

Name Daylan is of English origin and is a Boy name. People with name Daylan are usually Christianity by religion.

Is Giselle a unique name?

It is derived from the Germanic word gisil, “bright pledge”. Variants of the name include Gisela, Gisele, and Gisèle, Gizel….Giselle (given name)

Pronunciation /dʒɪˈzɛl/
Gender Female
Word/name Old German
Meaning Bright Pledge or Beautiful like the stars

What does the name Laree mean?

l(a)-ree. Origin:American. Popularity:28284. Meaning:grace.

How do you pronounce Laree?

Phonetic spelling of laree

  1. la-ree.
  2. Luh-rEE.
  3. lahr-ee.

What does the name Daylon mean?

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Daylon is: Rhyming- a historical blacksmith with supernatural powers.

How do you pronounce daylan?


  1. Daylan Name Origin: American.
  2. Pronunciation: da(y)-lan.
  3. See what 4 people think about Daylan.

What does the name Laree mean in English?

In the English origin, Laree means “Laree \\l(a)-ree\\ as a girl’s name is a variant of La- (American). See for meaning of Laree. The baby name Laree sounds like Larae, Loree and Larea.

Which is the pet form of the name Laree?

Laree is a form of the English name Lari. Laree is also an English pet form of the English and French name Lorraine. See also the related categories, english, latin, and french.

Which is the most common form of LaRae?

Prominent varying forms of Larae rated in the Top 2000 are Lakia, Lanae, Laree, Lashae and Latrice. Other variants, like Laray, are seldom used. These forms of Larae reached the peak of their popularity 38 years ago (AVERAGE #1652), but now, the version Latrice has become less fashionable.