What are lens extension tubes used for?

The extension tube serves to increase the distance between the lens and the sensor. This allows the lens to focus closer and, therefore, increase magnification, so you can use almost any lens for close-up photography. As with a macro lens, the longer the focal length, the greater the working distance you can achieve.

How do you calculate extension tube magnification?

For example, adding a 25 mm extension tube to a 50 mm lens will give a magnification gain of 0.5X. Therefore, if the lens’s original magnification was 0.15X, then the new magnification will be 0.15X+0.5X=0.65X. The closest focusing distance will also decrease to ~210 mm.

What is the difference between extension tubes and teleconverters?

Teleconverters act as a magnifying glass vs. an extension tube pushes the lens element closer to the subject. Teleconverters can focus to infinity, an extension tube reduces the maximum focal distance. Teleconverters work well with telephoto lenses, extension tubes are more optimal at short to mid-range distances.

What are the extension tubes for a Nikon 1?

I decided to give the Vello Econo Auto Focus Extension Tube Set for Nikon 1 Mount a try. The Vello Nikon 1 extension tube set includes two extension tubes, one 10mm and one 16mm. They can be used independently or joined together for maximum effect. Extension tubes place distance between your camera body and lens.

Can a macro lens be used with an extension tube?

There are a few benefits to using an extension tube in place of a macro lens. First, it’s a lot cheaper than a macro lens. Second, it’s a lot smaller and lighter than a macro lens. Third, you can use it with any lens you currently own without a decrease in optical performance (like you might experience with a close up filter).

What does an extension tube do to a camera?

An extension tube is essentially a hollow tube that moves the lens farther from the camera’s sensor, thus changing the focusing distance of the lens and allowing for closer focusing than without the extension tube. Theoretically, extension tubes can turn any lens into a macro lens with 1:1 reproduction capabilities.

Can a Nikon 85mm be used as a macro lens?

I also left any vignetting that occurred. All were shot at f/4 with the Nikon 85mm f/1.4G AF-S lens. If you have a need for close up photos but don’t need the optical precision of a dedicated macro lens, a set of extension tubes is hard to beat. They’re small, inexpensive, easy to use and are flexible in how you use them.