What kind of wine is Barbera d Asti?

red wine
Barbera d’Asti is a red wine made from Barbera grown in this grape variety’s native zone, the Monferrato hills of central Piedmont. The wine became a DOC in 1970, and was promoted to DOCG in 2008. Barbera d’Asti is made from 90-100% Barbera.

What does Barbera d’Asti taste like?

Barbera d’Asti is a unique wine because the Barbera grape gives it both an intense, near-black appearance and a rich and light-bodied taste. This taste is highlighted by notes of strawberry, raspberry, and sour cherries, which make it a surprising and delightful wine.

What is the best Barbera wine?

Best Barbera d’Alba Wine

Wine Name Grape Score
Vietti ‘Vigna Scarrone’ Barbera d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy Barbera 91
Paolo Scavino Barbera d’Alba Affinato in Carati, Piedmont, Italy Barbera 90
Falletto di Bruno Giacosa Barbera d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy Barbera 90
Elvio Cogno Pre-Phylloxera Barbera d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy Barbera 91

What is the difference between Barbera d’Asti and Barbera d Alba?

In the end neither are better or worse — it is more a matter of taste; while the Barbera d’Asti are generally brighter in structure, the Barbera d’Alba on the whole offer rounder and riper renditions of this Piemontese variety.

What does Barbera d’Asti pair with?

Food Pairings for Barbera d’Asti With Barbera d’Asti, wines try rich dark meats, mushrooms, herbs, herbaceous cheeses like blue cheese, higher tannin foods like root vegetables & braised greens.

Is Barbera d’Asti a good wine?

Barbera d’Asti is an easy-drinking red wine – one of the most loved wines from the Piedmont region in Italy! In the past two decades, this Italian wine has won plenty of hearts with its light and fresh character.

Which is sweeter Prosecco or Asti?

Italian Prosecco If you’re looking for an Italian alternative that tastes similarly to Champagne, Prosecco is the way to go, as opposed to the much sweeter Italian Asti or Italian Moscato d’Asti wines. Unlike Champagne, Italian Prosecco never ferments in the bottle, making it much more affordable.

What does Barbera wine pair with?

Barbera Food Pairing With Barbera wines try rich dark meats, mushrooms, herbs, herbaceous cheeses like blue cheese, higher tannin foods like root vegetables & braised greens. The idea here is that the bright acidity in the wine will make a rich fatty or high tannin dish complete.

How long should a Barbera wine age?

Barbera, the most planted red grape in Italy’s Piedmont region, produces some of the juiciest, most food-friendly wines in the country. It can yield fresh, easygoing expressions as well as full-bodied, elegant wines that can age up to 15 years.

What does Barbera pair with?

Does Barbera wine go with lamb?

Wine with Lamb – general guidelines Acidity in Barbera pairs well with braised lamb, while the tannins in Nebbiolo fit nicely with a lamb shank.

Does Barbera d’Asti age well?

Fresh Barbera d’Asti is often fermented in steel and destined to be enjoyed young, while Barbera d’Asti Superiore is aged a minimum of 14 months before release, six of which must be spent in oak, and can age well over the medium term.