How long does a Rzr clutch last?

We have seen failures happen at 1000 miles, and even have clutches last over 3000-4000 miles. The best thing you can do is install a set of our performance rollers ASAP with the least amount of miles possible. Most will install our clutch kit at the same time which also saves on belt life/clutch wear.

What does a clutch kit do for a RZR?

The primary clutch on Polaris UTVs is what’s known as a CVT clutch. CVT stands for “Continuously Variable Transmission” which basically means it changes gears without changing gears. Hang with me for a minute here. Take a look at this exploded diagram of a Polaris RZR clutch.

What does a clutch kit do for a UTV?

What Does a CVT Clutch do? The basic idea behind a CVT clutch is to control what RPM the engine and transmission are fully engaged at. Below that certain RPM, the clutch will allow some slippage which will help get your UTV moving off the line.

How does a Polaris secondary clutch work?

The secondary clutch is a lot like the primary clutch in how it operates but the main difference is that it does not have weights to open it but that it uses a Helix ramp for the rollers to ride on. When the throttle is depressed, the primary clutches weights open, causing the outside sheave to move inward.

How do I know if my Polaris Ranger belt is bad?

Take off the cover and look, if pieces are missing, burnt, chaffed, it should be replaced! You can’t tell until it goes unless you look!

What does a clutch kit do for a side by side?

What an Aftermarket UTV Clutch Kit can do for you: Improved acceleration. Faster shifting and backshifts. Much better throttle response.

Why does your Polaris UTV clutch needs an upgrade?

A stronger hub surface to handle heat better. Our conversion for your 2016 & newer Polaris driven clutch is to install a Team Tied clutch that will fit your transmission output shaft on your XP1000, RZR1000 S, XP900, RZR900, RZR 900 trail. It solves multiple problems and is the best answer for your clutching needs and upgrades for:

What kind of clutch does Polaris XP900 have?

The clutch used on your 2016-2019 Polaris XP900 or XP1000 is a Team Boss clutch. Boss stands for “built on secondary shaft”, basically how we can make a cheaper clutch. This, in turn, makes for a less quality clutch that will show its ugly face a lot sooner after riding your UTV.

Why was team industries hired to build Polaris clutch?

Team Industries was hired by Polaris to build the 2016 and newer clutch. The only reason was to save money on every UTV sold. It turns out, in the long run, to cost the customer hundreds of dollars to upgrade back to what used to come stock on 2015 models.