What did lab Gruppen do with the LAB 4000?

The LAB 4000 also took Lab Gruppen into the market for amplifiers with very high power output. Later the LAB range was further refined with more power and circuit protection schemes and the legendary fP Series was introduced.

Who are the owners of lab Gruppen company?

Lab.gruppen is a Swedish sound equipment company, based in Kungsbacka, Sweden, dedicated to building mainly public address power amplifiers. It is owned by Music Group which also holds Midas, Behringer, Turbosound, TC Electronics and others. As at 2007 the company had 130 employees.

What does lab Gruppen PLM 10000q stand for?

The PLM 10000Q debuted at the PLASA show in London and was the first in a new series of Powered Loudspeaker Management (PLM) systems. Lab Gruppen seamlessly integrated the latest Dolby Lake Processor technology into a power amplifier based on the FP+ series.

How big is a lab Gruppen touring amplifier?

The flagship of Lab.gruppen’s touring amplifier line, the FP 14000 produces a staggering total output power of 14000 W – an unprecedented achievement in a 2U frame weighing only 12 kg. The forceful high-current output stage is built Expected to ship out in 8-10 business days.

Is there a clone of a lab Gruppen AMP?

Fortunately, the fine PRC of China does not care much for intellectual property, and has produced a magnificent clone. Actually, they produced many clones. The problem was finding a good one. Tasso, CVR,and a few other companies will resell busted or QC failed amps, or even clones from another source.

When did lab Gruppen start making touring amplifiers?

By the early 1980’s Lab Gruppen had become the leading Swedish manufacturer of professional amplifiers. PA rental firms quickly adopted the SS 1000 as their preferred amplifier and incorporated them in each system. The SS 1000 established Lab Gruppen as a first-rank maker of touring amplifiers.

When did lab Gruppen become part of TGI?

Output power per channel was again doubled. In 2000 Lab Gruppen was acquired by TGI and then in 2002 again by TC Group which consisted of British loudspeaker manufacturer Tannoy, guitar effects company TC Electronic, and vocal effects manufacturer TC Helicon.

What does DSP 24 stand for in lab Gruppen?

The Class TD design was patented, and continues as a foundational element in new Lab Gruppen amplifiers and powered loudspeaker management systems. The DSP 24 was a 2-in/4-out digital crossover and loudspeaker equalization unit. It provided 66 bands of digital parametric equalization and adjustable time delay for each output channel.