How do you spawn Oondasta?

If PTR will mirror live Sha spawns often > Galleon does have a increased spawner > Oondasta is rare (more then Galleon 5.1.) To get to him you need to get to Isle of Giants which is direct North of Zouchin Village. Isle of giants is a no fly zone and is mob heavy.

How often does Salyis’s Warband spawn?

Spawn Location and Respawn Time Currently, he has a long, 4-5 day respawn timer.

How often does the Sha of Anger spawn?

every 2 hours
Sha of Anger: Spawns every 2 hours. One the Sha surged toward Shaohao, but at the last moment he was saved by a Shado-Pan warrior, making the ultimate sacrifice. Players that are not eligible for loot from the Sha of Anger will no longer be able to use an. The Sha of Anger has a low respawn timer of roughly 15 minutes.

How often does Salyis Warband spawn?

Currently, he has a long, 4-5 day respawn timer.

How do you know if Sha of Anger will spawn?

The sha originally appeared in one of five possible areas of the zone, each spawn point coming with its own minions surrounding it. As of Patch 7.2. 0, it only spawns at the Burlap Trail point and respawns 15 minutes after it was previously defeated.

How long does it take oondasta to spawn in Wow?

It’s bad enough that the drop rates are abysmal, the long spawn times are just unnecessary. Now would be a great time for Oondasta to become tameable as well. Waiting 15 minutes isn’t so bad if a hunter wants to grab her. Oh gosh, that’s good news! Maybe now I’ll actually bother heading out that way… xD

Why are the spawn timers longer for galleon and oondasta?

Because back in the day Galleon and Oondasta were meant to be the harder boss of their respective pairs and had longer spawn timers to emphasize that. Their spawn timers now are actually a lot shorter than they were originally.

Where can I find the zone wide spawn timers?

This page is a list of the zone wide respawn timers. Note that many exceptions occur in each zone. All times are listed in MM:SS unless otherwise noted.

Are there any world bosses on a 15 minute respawn timer?

Other world bosses like Sha are also on a 15 minutes respawn timer. Make it equal. Atoms are liars, they make up everything! Why do Nalak/Sha have 15 minute spawn timers and Galleon/Oondasta have 2 hour spawn timers, its kinda frustrating to farm them when you wanna do it on lots of alt charachters.