What is the highest score on dumb ways to die?

14,232 points * Challenge It! Jessie earned 14,232 points in Dumb Ways To Die. He is 13 years old.

What are 10 dumb ways to die?

Here are 10 dumb ways to die in the World’s safest country, and how to make sure you avoid them.

  1. Straying From Marked Pathways at Geothermal Areas.
  2. Climbing Over Barriers.
  3. Ignoring Closed Road Signs.
  4. Playing in the Water at Dangerous Icelandic Beaches.
  5. Attempting a Road Trip in a Storm.
  6. Going Glacier Exploring on Your Own.

Why dumb ways to die was successful?

The campaign was wildly successful. Various covers were produced by different artists and the song was used in school as an effective method for teaching safety. But more importantly, following the campaign, Metro Trains found a 21% reduction in train station incidents (Brand News, 2013).

Is there a dumb ways to die 4?

Dumb Ways To Die 4: Time Travel Of Truth, Planned | Fandom. The mechanics of role playing and fight the online game are reminiscent of the previous online game, but this time, on an time travel machine. Remove Future of list Metro Trains Finally Removing “Advertising” And “Additional purchases” For Game.

When was dumb ways to draw made?

Dumb Ways to Draw is an application for Dumb Ways to Die series, appears to be inspired by the app called Brain Dots. The app was published for iOS in App Store at Mar 18th, 2019, which then launched worldwide at May 1, 2019. The Android version has released May 3, 2019.

Where can you find 1000 Ways to Die?

1000 Ways to Die can be watched online on OTT platforms. The show is available on the online streaming site Amazon Prime Video.

Who invented dumb ways to die?

Julian Frost
Julian Frost: The creator of ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ on making design funny.

What is the target audience for dumb ways to die?

The target audience for the message is young adults and children. So while initially you might think they are appealing to their audience through a catchy song, at a deeper level they have tapped into the right emotion for their audience. Kids, and especially young adults, think they are bulletproof.

How do you die on 101?

101 Ways To Die is a physics-based puzzler with a twist. It’s about Killing with style! As the assistant to the morally corrupt Professor Ernst Splattunfuder, you must help recreate ‘101 Ways To Die’ – a book full of delightfully gory death recipes for dispatching your foes in the most stylish ways possible.