Was URYU stronger than Ichigo?

But even with all these skills and a sharp tactical mind, Uryu doesn’t quite equal Ichigo in combat power. His durability is lower, he lacks Hollow powers, and he doesn’t have much of a finishing move to match the Getsuga Tensho. That being said, Uryu is still a powerful and helpful ally to Ichigo against any foe.

Does Ichigo beat URYU?

Kūgo uses his form of a Getsuga Tenshō on Ichigo. As Uryū tries to warn his friend not to attack, Ichigo begins charging a Getsuga Tenshō anyway. Recognizing his actions, Kūgo, daring Ichigo to attack him with it, states since the last attack almost killed him, it really is the only chance Ichigo has of defeating him.

How did Ichigo beat Menos Grande?

Summary. Ichigo Kurosaki slashes through a Heilig Pfeil accidentally fired by Uryū Ishida. Staring down Uryū Ishida on a path in Karakura Town as Rukia Kuchiki and Kon stand nearby, Ichigo Kurosaki declares that he has finally found Uryū and will not be satisfied until he beats him up.

What kind of powerups does Ichigo have in Bleach?

Ichigo goes through a consecutive set of Hollowification powerups, leaving behind his simple mask in the Karakura Town storyline. In the Thousand Year Blood War arc, his bankai combines all of his various powers in one form, in which he truly looks like the Hollow-Humanoid fusion he is.

Why is Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu so tiny?

Byakuya Kuchiki mentions that Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu is such a tiny blade because it sacrifices potency in favor of velocity, explaining why the latter can deflect millions of his petals with a series of rapid swings.

Who are the Hinatas in love with Ichigo?

Orihime is a Hinata case where she has been in love with Ichigo since the start of the series. Orihime is one of the characters that can see through Ichigo and find that he’s more than the rowdy Soul Reaper.

Who is protective of Yachiru in Bleach?

Kenpachi is very protective over Yachiru and Yachiru is one of the people that doesn’t fear Kenpachi. A partnership made in heaven. Renji and Rukia’s pairing is the classic tale of childhood friends that just can’t get rid of each other.