How do you embed a YouTube video in 100 width?

You will need to wrap the responsive youtube embed code with a div and specify a 50% to 60% padding bottom. Then specify the child elements (iframe, object embed) 100% width, 100% height, with absolute position. This will force the embed elements to expand fullwidth automatically.

How do I customize my YouTube embedded player?

How to Change the Embed Options

  1. On YouTube, select Share below the video.
  2. Select Embed.
  3. Below the embed code, under Embed options, select Show player controls.
  4. Select Copy to copy the embed code. You can then put the YouTube video on a website.

How can I change the size of my YouTube player?

Change video player size When using YouTube on your computer, the size of your video player will automatically adapt based on the available space in your browser window. If you want to manually change the size of your video player, simply adjust the size of your browser.

What are the parameters for an embedded player on YouTube?

This page currently defines all parameters supported in any YouTube embedded player. Each parameter definition identifies the players that support the corresponding parameter. Note: Embedded players must have a viewport that is at least 200px by 200px.

How to make a responsive 100% width YouTube embed?

The percentage bottom padding is a percentage of the container width, so that gives it a fixed aspect ratio. But in order to get the iframe to show up inside the zero-height container, you need to make the container relative and the iframe absolute, positioned inside the div.

Can you customize the embed code on YouTube?

Youtube already allows you to customize the embed code and allows the videos to play in HD, but in case you were wondering what the codes were for this and/or how to force play back of high-quality files (not HD);