What does straight up mean martini?

4. Straight up or on the rocks. “Up” means that your drink will be served in one of those familiar tall martini glasses that has been chilled. “On the rocks” means that it will be served in a tumbler over ice. “If you’ve got an appropriately diluted martini, you shouldn’t need the ice,” Katz said.

What does straight up mean in a drink?

High-quality spirits of any kind are commonly enjoyed neat as well. Up. This term typically describes an alcoholic beverage that is iced and is shaken or stirred. Before being served, the drink is strained, removed of its ice, and normally poured into a cocktail glass.

What is a belvedere up?

The Belvedere Spritz takes a minimalist approach to mixing—combining equal parts Belvedere Vodka and Lillet Blanc with fresh garnishes and refreshing toppers. The result is a thirst-quenching cocktail perfect for sipping during the warmer months, and one that won’t knock you over after you’ve had a couple.

What does it mean when a drink is up?

In bartending, the terms “straight up” and “up” ordinarily refer to an alcoholic drink that is shaken or stirred with ice and then strained and served in a stemmed glass without ice.

Why is a drink called dirty?

To make a drink “dirty,” means you may slightly change the color and taste by adding or changing some of the essential ingredients. A dirty martini for instance contains olive juice. There are actually several versions of the dirty mojito. One classic is to use raw sugar instead of white granulated.

What is Belvedere good to mix with?

4 Easy to Mix Belvedere Vodka July 4th Cocktails

  • Blueberry and Strawberry Mojito.
  • Spiked Lemonade.
  • Ginger Zest Spritz.
  • Polish Mule.

What is a dirty drink?

The term ‘dirty’ means that olive brine, usually from a jar of cocktail olives, has been added to the drink. An olive garnish is typically assumed, too. Most bars add equal parts vermouth and brine, though you can specify ‘extra dirty’ or ‘filthy’ if you prefer more brine.

What is difference between neat and straight up?

For a drink made without ice or mixer, you’d order it “neat,” and it would be served to you in an Old Fashioned cocktail glass. So, you might say, “I’d like a bourbon, neat.” To order a martini “up” or “straight up,” means you’d like it chilled. A cocktail that is poured over ice is “on the rocks.”

What is a vodka dirty?

What does it mean to ask for a straight up Martini?

Asking for your martini up or straight up means asking for the gin or vodka to be chilled with ice, usually by shaking or stirring, and strained into the martini glass with no ice in the glass itself. This offers the most balance, since the alcohol is chilled but will not be diluted as the ice melts. Make it sweet or make it perfect.

Which is better Tito’s vodka or Belvedere Vodka?

Out of the three, Belvedere Vodka would be our choice for a classic Martini. Because of its smooth creaminess, it would be most enjoyable to drink in a spirit-forward cocktail. Belvedere does not burn and is overall a lovely spirit. Neither of us would be mad about a Tito’s Vodka Martini, though.

What does up mean in a dry martini?

What you were probably looking for was a Dry Martini, served “up. “Up” implies that there was some preparation involved, and that there is no ice in the final product. You can have a Manhattan on the rocks, or I can give it to you “up”.

What does it mean to stir a martini?

“Stirred” means the gin will be placed in a cocktail shaker with ice and stirred for about 30 seconds before being strained into the glass. “This results in a smoother version, with less likelihood of ice shards in your cocktail,” Katz said.